How serious is it that the United States recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel?

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has never been disappointed in the political commitment to carry out her campaign. After withdrawing from the Paris agreement, a massive tax cut, and the withdrawal of the global immigration agreement, this morning he again threw a pound of news around the world. The White House spokesman said Trump will issue two statements on Wednesday, Eastern time: Jerusalem is recognized as the capital of Israel, and decides to move the US embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. (the statement is now officially published.)

is well known that the Middle East is the world's gunpowder bucket, and for a long time, the Palestinian Israeli issue is the core issue in the Middle East. Jerusalem is one of the most controversial issues in the Israeli Palestinian peace negotiations. It is very sensitive. What is it for Trump's move? If the sound really be published, in the almost will undoubtedly exacerbate conflicts under the Middle East, this area will be how to walk? The release of the news of


is interesting. According to White House spokesman Sarah Sanders, Trump has "decided" and will make "the most favorable decision for the United States". It was specially stressed that the subject was Trump rather than the White House, and it was clear that Sara's statement hinted at the differences between US decision makers on the Jerusalem issue.

indeed, Jerusalem and even the Palestinian Israeli problems have been long and very difficult. In

1967, Israel annexed East Jerusalem after the third Middle East War, and declared Jerusalem the permanent and indivisible capital of Israel. The Palestinian side insisted on taking East Jerusalem as the independent capital of State of Palestine.

" (source: the earth knowledge Bureau)

can be said, on the issue of Jerusalem, Palestine and Israel, Israel and the Islamic world stand almost completely confrontation. Palestine and Arabia world believes that Jerusalem should belong to their own, Israel and the Jewish settlers in the late nineteenth Century early twentieth Century the "Zionist" product, "Western conspiracy" and "Jewish conspiracy"; and Israel and the Jews believe that Jerusalem since 3000 years ago is their homeland, is a Jewish religious and spiritual and the center of politics, Arabia talent is the "invaders", is the pagans of this land "".

, therefore, as the third holy city in the Islamic world, Jerusalem has been at the forefront of the Israeli Palestinian conflict for a long time, so it has attached too much religious, identity and political significance. When it comes to the Jerusalem issue, between Palestine and Israel, and between the entire Arabia world and Israel, there will be a great conflict of speech and violence.


. At present, the international community generally does not recognize Israel's sovereignty over Jerusalem. Even if the Israeli media often refer to "Jerusalem" for the Israeli government, his foreign ministry moved to Jerusalem, the international community of the Embassy on almost all of the establishment of the coast of Tel Aviv the Yehuda Avenue, does not recognize Jerusalem as the capital of israel.

and the US government's long-term position is similar to that of the international community. The Jerusalem issue is part of the Israeli Palestinian issue and must be resolved by Israeli Palestinian negotiations. That is to say, when the two sides agree on sensitive topics such as future state status, national attributes and bilateral relations, Jerusalem's ownership will naturally be solved.

therefore, although the "Jerusalem bill" in 1995 the United States Congress, asked the United States diplomatic institutions, the embassy moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the presidents of the United States and the government to "executive order", "suspended" relocation Embassy in Israel, in order to delay the meeting in case, in fact still at the diplomatic level refused to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of israel. Trump also signed the document on time to postpone the relocation in June this year.

theoretically, after the last document expires in December 4th, Trump will decide whether to sign a suspension of the relocation plan and postpone the presidential decree for another 6 months. But at the end of November, the printing on Trump to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel "rumors more and more.

, in fact, over the past year, the Trump team has had too many contradictory statements on this issue. For example, in February

Trump took office, in a meeting with visiting Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Trump, the president of the United States in the past and not in accordance with the "tone", the expression for the "two states" (the establishment of a Palestinian state and the state of Israel) clearly support, but vaguely said "I will support all parties to accept the plan" that eye popping.

but then, in March, the Palestinian National Authority President Abbas's visit to Washington, Trump once again changed, made it clear that the establishment of an independent Palestinian state support and understanding.

. U.S. President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu have many references to external sanctions.
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