When AI learned the fortune teller, the style is a bit strange.

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Since the

AlphaGo in the game of go in winning the strongest human player kija et al., "artificial intelligence" and "deep learning" and "neural network" the words you are no stranger, everyone is aware of the powerful AI, so many people began to do this in AI.

, in fact, AI has been an important next step for technology companies.

is like Baidu's "All in AI" strategy, HUAWEI's "AI chip" arms race, and musk, Zuckerberg, Hawking and others, whether AI will threaten human beings and social networking.

" can be said that this year's AI circle became more lively and engaged in the field of artificial intelligence, global talent is scarce, many companies began seeking a "heavily" drama.

but also because of the sudden fire of the AI circle this year, gradually, the painting of this circle, part of the painting of AI, seems to be a little bit wrong.

AI teller, your heart hides a what?

ago, researchers at Stanford University designed a AI, which can be used to judge a person's sexual orientation according to the photos of faces. The accuracy rate of men's sexual orientation is 81%, and the accuracy rate of women's sexual orientation is 74%. How do

specifically do it? It's the set, the big data and the algorithm.

AI through in-depth analysis of the facial features of more than 35000 photos in the American dating website, and based on big data and visual analysis, you can see whether you are straight or curved at the first glance.

, according to Stanford University researchers, they found that gay men are more feminine and feminine than gay faces. In addition, male homosexuality is narrower than male heterosexual chin, longer nose and larger forehead, and lesbians have a wider and smaller forehead than female heterosexual chin.

do not know how to see these summaries, what is the inner part of the entertainment community's little meat?

is still more magical.

2002, a scene of Hollywood classic sci-fi movie "minority report" in the impressive future police to use the "prophet" carries on the forecast to the future, to and prevent major criminal behavior in advance, the criminals get punished in the attack before.

"minority report" is still

using AI algorithm, this scene has been achieved to some extent.

of the University of Pennsylvania statistics professor Richard Burke developed a new algorithm to predict who will commit a crime in the future high risk:

through the collection from 2009 to 2013 about 100 thousand cases of domestic violence, the use of machine learning methods, these data will be "hello" to the computer program, including age, gender, zip code first, the age of crime and a long list of previous related criminal record, to estimate what people will repeat.

2016, two scientists at Shanghai Jiao Tong University have developed a neural network system, through facial recognition technology to identify the criminal investigator:

used 1856 men ID photos, they are between the ages of 18 to 55 years old, half of them people with a history of crime, 90% photos are used to train the AI algorithm, the remaining 10% used to test the effect of algorithm.

finally concluded that the difference between the

criminals and the citizens who obey the law is greater than that of the ordinary people. Three

Google researchers published words angrily criticized the text, AI of "lookism", "scientific racism", and from the point of view of history, ethics, the "new form" and physiognomy in machine learning era of criticism.

"AI judge whether sexual orientation" or "AI" are analyzed to predict crime, facial details based vision, at first glance seems to make sense, in fact it is the "pseudo science".

today, "physiognomy" is the folk metaphysics, although many people believe that they can reflect the inherent characteristics of a person, but the general lack of light, it can be said that the AI prediction is to see the face under the cloak of science, do is the fortune teller things.


large data deified to say AI this topic, inevitably, and big data link, most of the AI is through the collected data, with researchers made or self learning algorithm to produce the final result.

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