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A programmer

" has the same department of another project group is "turnover", although I have not worked with the programmer, but heard one or two of his internal share, feel technology is very powerful. And then a well-informed colleagues chat, to know the real reason is the boss think A is hard to communicate to other programs, QA Voices of discontent. Work these years, many of the colleagues come and go, active or passive, which can not help but let me think about what programmers are qualified programmers.

although we are claiming to be "code", "IT migrant workers", but I believe that this is only self deprecating or self black, of course, most programmers should still recognize the occupation of their own, and I am not a good programmer, because I do not have the code in the open source community contribution, also not proficient in whiteboard algorithm, technology is not enthusiastic, not to geek. My goal is to be a qualified programmer: to do well in my job, to earn my salary, to balance life and work, and 996, what I can't accept.

is of course very important for programmers, and this is hard power. However, only technology can not be done, after all, most programmers still have to deal with people, soft power is also indispensable. How can we be qualified, I think the following points:

solid foundation

computer is a rapid upgrading of the field, every time there will be a new language, framework, ideas, follow every new technology very tired. But think about it, in fact, there are not so many new things. A lot of new things are just technologies that have been encapsulated in technology, or in other fields of reference. For example, memcached redis cache database, the basic idea is not in the operating system cache; distributed storage fragmentation and replication sets, is extended in the RAID file system; and the Google MapReduce framework, is derived from the functional programming language map reduce. A good grasp of the basic knowledge of the computer can be more essential to the new technology. The use of


modaobuwukanchaigong, build their own good set of tools is very important. A large number of tools are used in

development, whether it is an editor, a debugging tool, or a monitoring tool. Everyone likes to debate which IDE is better, but it doesn't make much sense. The key is to be able to skillfully use his favorite tools, grasp various kinds of shortcuts, and highly customize, which can greatly improve work efficiency. And for repeated operations in the day, it's best to automate the script. Here's the following python, and writing a small tool is very fast.

, in addition, emphasizes the two tools necessary for programmers, that is, browsers and VPN. The latter everybody knows, not much to say, mainly has the latter to play the power of the browser. We every day in the browser, but how to use efficient, such as search, in the website designated by title, URL Filter, select the appropriate keyword or worthy of study, for programmers, to make good use of the browser, you have to have a skill: English

had to admit in English

. Software innovation is still lagging behind in the field, domestic abroad, new technology, first-hand information is English. Before the new technology was widely used, we found the translation in Baidu either machine translated or a hundred mistakes. The biggest problem of translation depends on the level of the translator itself. Even though the translation level is very high, there are often different translations in the same single time, which leads to confusion when reading articles. It is better to read the English text directly. Most of the original text, apart from the professional vocabulary, is well understood, and I found a lot of bully projects that have very easy to understand documents.

good coding habits,

code is written to the machine, and it is also for people to read and maintain. The defender may be someone else, or maybe a few months later. Good code specification, necessary, clear annotations can allow yourself to be seldom greeted for the eighteen generation of ancestors.

has a lot of controversy on the style of the code, and the most important thing is to maintain the unity in the project. As the head of technology, we must start with the top code at the beginning of the project. When a lot of code is piled up, it will be difficult to unify, and then do the review of the new person.

keeps learning

programmers as a career, and may still be a lot younger than other professions. In particular, in the country, the oldest batch of programmers have been managed, and in the next 10 years and 20 years, what will we do, no one knows. Some time ago HUAWEI 35 programmers are leaving things, give us a wake-up call, sad, only to learn, but have the ability to fight and fight physical experience

learning this matter that it is complicated, I think the two important points: foundation, application.

independent thinking of

qualified programmers to solve the problem, not to implement a solution. A requirement of product manager, especially a product manager who knows a little technology, may be a solution to a problem. He thinks this method can solve his problem, so the solution is taken as a solution.

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