GMAT mathematics 4 practical problem solving skills to explain the theory combined with the actual sprint high scores more relaxed


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GMAT is no more difficult than a Chinese language. It is easy to score a part of a Chinese examinee with high mathematical foundation. But to ensure the high score of GMAT mathematics, some practical problem solving skills need to be mastered, and the following will be introduced for you.

GMAT practical mathematical problem-solving skills:

element change element method and variable substitution method, namely according to the structural features required for the solution formula, cleverly set new variables to replace some of the original formula or variable expression. The results obtained for the new variable, go back and find the original variable results. Change element method by introducing new variables will be linked to the dispersion conditions, the type of rational type, beyond the higher type for low order type, type of dominant recessive relationship relationship, so as to simplify, change as the known unknown purpose.

GMAT practical mathematics problem-solving skills: the combination of

GMAT should pay attention to mathematics Shuoxingjiehe thinking, its essence is the abstract mathematical language and visual graphics combined, make the abstract thinking and thinking in images, through the understanding of graphics transformation, combination of number and shape, can cultivate the flexibility of thinking, image, make the issue of hard, abstract concrete. Through the "shape" often can be solved by the "number" is difficult to solve the problem.

GMAT practical mathematics problem-solving skills: transformation and to the so-called

transformation and transformation method, is to solve the mathematical problems in the study and, with a means for transforming the problem through the transformation, and then reach a solution. Generally complex problems by transforming into simple problems, will be difficult through the transform of easy problems, will not solve the problem transformation into the problem has been resolved. Methods

transformation and regression is the most basic way of thinking in mathematics. To solve all the problems in mathematics are all cannot do without the transformation and transformation, the combination of thinking reflects the transformation between number and form; function and equation thought reflects the function, equation, inequality between the mutual transformation; classification discussion the thought embodies the local and overall mutual transformation, the above three kinds of ways of thinking are embodied and transformed to the thinking of the various transformation method, analysis method, apagoge, undetermined coefficient method and construction method are all means of transformation. So the transformation and transformation is the soul of mathematics thinking method.

GMAT practical mathematics problem-solving skills: function and equation of

function refers to the use of the concept and nature of function, by analogy, Lenovo, transformation and reasonable constructor, then go to study problems and solve problems. The transformation equation of thought is based on problem analysis, observation, judgment and a series of thinking process with the profound and become an independent school new in order to be different, creative thinking, the problem is reduced to equation, using properties, theorems of equations, convergence problems and achieve mutual conversion equation, achieve the purpose of solving the problem.

above is about GMAT mathematics practical problem-solving skills, you can do more exercises when doing exercises, so as to ensure that we can get scores as much as possible in the GMAT math part, and lay a good foundation for the total score.

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