GMAT is out of work not completed mathematical sprint? Analyze these reasons to make the results more advanced


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GMAT mathematics, in fact, only from the difficulty of calculation, for 9 years through the exam oriented education of the Chinese candidates are not too big. And to get a high score in the GMAT test, the math part is required to get the high score and full score of the 50+. But in the actual examination, the examinee often makes mistakes because of various reasons. Let's take a look at the most easy mistakes in the GMAT math test. Common mistakes in


: mathematical understanding mistakes:

1. cannot read literally,

2. can understand the literal meaning, but can not be completed within the stipulated time,

3. can read literally within the specified time, but can not quickly sort out the mathematical model and solution thinking.

's so called understanding problem is actually that it doesn't understand the topic. It's very fatal, but it's very easy to be ignored by some students who think they are good at logic. They will obviously do the wrong thing because they can't make mistakes. Common mistakes in

GMAT: mathematical knowledge forgetting

mistakes performance: can read, and the general direction of thinking, but to complete the thinking tools (such as descriptive statistics formula, set 2 types of processing methods, combination and probability formula, etc) although there is no impression or impression but not system control, leading to the final can not complete the questions.

, this is actually a mistake that should not be seen. The mathematical knowledge points of GMAT exam is fixed, and no new content has been added. Common mistakes: mistakes

GMAT mathematical thinking trap performance: to understand the problems and know ideas and use the tools, but due to the addition of their own subjective sense to add their own or past conditions, solving problems in such cases, the deviation.

is a more common type of error, commonly known as taking it for granted. When the examinee is doing the problem, subconsciously, some common sense as the condition brain fill the topic, and finally get the wrong result. The math part of the GMAT examination should be paid special attention to. The problem of solving the problem should be carried out according to the conditions given by the subject, and not to join the subjective common sense of your own. For example:

(full title) x is divisible by Z?

analysis: a lot of students this question in 2 when the first option will think about whether Z is a factor of X, while ignoring the premise of "x and Z must be integer", and this point is in the judgment "whether the full" can not be ignored. This mistake comes from their own conditions "joined the X and Z is an integer, or" don't know "divisible" is the integer terms (the latter belongs to the second types of errors)! Common mistakes in

GMAT Mathematics: sloppy

error performance: calculation error, the triangle "height" as "side" and so on.

does not need to say this kind of mistake. You must have done it. When we solve the problem, we should summarize it and concentrate on the problem of careless class. We should take a look at it regularly to ensure that the same type of error does not happen again and again.

GMAT mathematics common mistakes: wasting time,

error performance: spend too much time on one topic, resulting in insufficient time for other topics.

with a question, perhaps there are many kinds of methods, especially the data filling classification problems, the candidates easily in the problem solving process is complicated and unnecessary waste of time, with some way of problem solving, although can eventually get the answer, but it affects the distribution of the whole time to do. These

tend to make some mistakes in the maths exam GMAT, suggest that you learn more through training, try to avoid in the exam, making mistakes is not terrible, afraid is not know where is wrong and making mistakes repeatedly, want to get high scores in the GMAT scores in mathematics, the error is in any case to avoid.

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