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's review of TOEFL oral English believes that you will put a lot of energy into preparing for exams, but many candidates still feel hopeless about improving their oral performance. This is because the 2 key points of the TOEFL oral examination are not in place. Today, the little editor has brought 2 key points for TOEFL's oral high marks. I hope you can help you.

preparing for TOEFL oral test needs continuous practice. Only by practicing fully, can oral proficiency be improved significantly. And exercise is the most effective way to Zhenti exercises.

it is TOEFL oral exam questions 1,2 independent tasks, or IELTS test card, or is the common communication with foreigners, most of the students have to face the following three questions:

1. statement of the content of the lack of detail, circles, obscure mood and make people feel incomprehensible;

2. summary of my life, not know what to say, what to say, what to say, lack of confidence to express time; if the

3. for the topic did not end, worried about the exam when the exam is just the items the topic you're not prepared to live.

's oral practice may be achieved in the short term in order to get good exam results. In the long run, it is aimed at better integrating into the social life of English speaking countries, making more friends and experiencing more foreign cultures at home or abroad. Therefore, we should start from the following aspects: vocabulary

1. packaging, ensure wonderful and detailed

if word back is not merely for the purpose of identifying points in reading, listening, including oral English, effective expression in composition, so we need to understand that there are mainly three kinds of vocabulary sentences.

1): content words Nouns Verbs adjectives and adverbs which

digital nouns, verbs and make digital answer specific content refinement;

describe the packing function words and adverbs can be the answer becomes more gorgeous.

2) function words: auxiliary exclamations

auxiliary verbs: completing the tense, voice, tone of the sentence pattern.

should pay attention to the ability of the grammatical zigzag to change the position of

exclamations: make the answer full of human, undreary, dynamic, to help you show the emotional components. Answer:

3) conjunctions of rational elements, content transforms, show the logic quality of eloquence.

has the purpose of accumulation, good use of all kinds of good words, can be a wonderful package of oral expression.

2. highlights the argument, upgrading the content of the content of the technical content.

no matter how long the exam time requires the answer length, the examinee needs to realize that we should not only finish the time required to fill the subject, but also ensure the technical content and the wonderful degree of filling the information.

the following arguments have to be learned to accumulate, so that one or more specific topics are widely used in all kinds of topics.

1 fact

2 Statistics) facts) column

3) witness/testimony /

4) experience others experience comparison/analogy /

5 example) analogy case in point

6) anecdote black humor stories

7 quotation) famous quotes in

quoted such words and sentences under the principle that we are facing a topic, to consider the total information can say how many, these information are written, reading, and recording using a recording software, help yourself not to recite, but at least be familiar with.

above is the place where the spoken TOEFL spoken language needs to be paid attention to. The improvement of spoken language is mainly based on practice. It is not easy for Chinese examinees to have an English environment. We can create our own environment, listen to English songs, watch English movies and so on.

these are small as 2 key high pro forma TOEFL speaking bring you high, everyone in the process of the pro forma TOEFL speaking must be followed to learn together, get help for your TOEFL speaking points. Finally, I wish you all the best results in the TOEFL exam.

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