Be good to the children in the future. It's hard to see it out!

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3 years old children in kindergarten < / strong>, looking at his little strong back, the heart of joy and a little sad.

goodbye for a whole day, and the child saw you run happily, flapping into your arms and saying, "Mom, I miss you." "At that moment, holding the child was like holding the whole world.

6 years old. On the first day of school, when he was going to bed at night, he told you, "from today on, I want to be sixty years old." his life has opened up a new chapter, but I didn't expect this is the first step for children to leave us.

children have been accustomed to being separated from you for a day, and they like to go to school every day. Even sometimes, it will say, "Mom, it's boring at home, no little friends play with me." "

12 years old. Children in junior high school ", some started boarding school, a month or a few months to return home once, to meet last time.

- they start to stop relying on you, even like you.

. You want to do something for them, and they say, "Mom, I'll do it myself." "Suddenly feel this sentence makes us feel good, the child is not no longer need us?

18 - year old child left you to go to university , back two times a year. A few days ago, the home refrigerator could not be installed, and prepared all kinds of things he liked to eat.

- but a back face, was busy with my classmates and my friends went to the party. From then on, you are most afraid to hear a word: "Mom, I don't go home to eat, you eat it yourself." "

after graduating from University , children stay in the distant job, a year is also a rare return. It's not easy to come back and go in a few days.

- at that time, the most hope is the child's phone, want the child to say: "Mom, I'm fine, you take care of the body. "That's enough.

children married, home time half even to your relatives, meet even less.

. You've got used to only two old days at home. But, you most want to hear the child say to you: "Mom, I will go home for the Spring Festival this year!"

. When children have their own children, we are no longer their family members, and a family of three does not include us.

- we are getting used to such days. Only in the free time, often through the album, look at our family of three.

, no matter where the child is, is always an indispensable member of our family.

yes, how happy we are, in fact, when the children are around. But sometimes we complain: we complain too much sacrifice, complain about children's ignorance, complain about his illness, let you break your heart and complain that in order to cultivate him, you spend too much energy and money. But more than 10 years later, even if you want, there is no chance.

. You must remember that children will continue to grow, and after this period, there is no longer the characteristics of this period.

. Do you often miss the day after the baby's weaning and feeding him, but then you feel tired, hard and tired.

is it lovely to see a picture of him sucking his fingers when he was a child, but you were troubled to wash his hands for him.

" - is not in his voice faded, miss he had small voice sound, but he used to play when you are not good.

. Is it a day when children go to school, especially when they are glued to your side? But before, you always wonder when he will go to school.

- time cannot be reversed, and the past can only be in the past. How rare and precious it is for a child to stay around.

", because of this, we should cherish every moment spent with the child, it should be grateful, thank God for giving me a child, let me share with witness he grew every moment.

no matter how many difficulties, troubles and even frustrations the children bring to me, I am still open-minded, no matter how much sleep, time, money, and energy I have lost. Because it's all in heaven

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