Shanghai "practice every day spoken" won the Aladdin Award for the most popular lamp into the educational program

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tengxunjiaoyu· 2017-12-07 10:43:52

11 month 30 days, Aladdin index ranked platform by the well-known WeChat small program sponsored by the first index, exclusive small program industry highest award - 2017 annual Aladdin lamp awards event ended, Shanghai's "everyday English" small programs with innovative unique design, excellent user experience and reputation. In more than 1000 small program talent shows itself candidates, won the Aladdin prize in 2017 - lamp small program tool industry award, this award became the only one of the tools to receive the prize of Internet learning program.

" according to the contents of Shanghai product line director Jin Wenbing, Shanghai "everyday practice English" small program named "Aladdin lamp Award - 2017 small program tool industry award", is to adhere to the 16 years of Shanghai Internet Education Exploration and innovation, a positive Kennedy credit Internet makes more simple and fair education and happy entrepreneurship early heart.

in fact, in January 2017, Shanghai "oral practice every day" program, after the launch of the PC +APP+ web service matrix Shanghai WeChat public number three in one, become one of the educational program on the first line of WeChat.

as the most Hujiang online learning tool matrix constitutes an important part of Shanghai "practice every day spoken" on-line, in 2017 was 50 times to complete the function test and iteration, provide online oral English read and professional for real-time user evaluation, and word interpretation, word pronunciation correction function, content with foreign pronunciation and the knowledge that covers the workplace, life, British and American drama more than 10 scene theme, enrich the daily oral expression; attendance calendar and learning record list, to help users to review the history of learning to review their records; multi angle analysis of the user's spoken language score, correct word pronunciation errors, solve the problems of oral English learning; as of October repeated user number has exceeded 10 million people, is a small program currently on-line education theme most.

Jin Bing said, "everyday English" Shanghai small program on the line for 10 months, the number of users has exceeded 10 million people, once again confirms the construction of the whole scene Hujiang Internet learning tool matrix is the right idea, as of now, Shanghai has on 8 models of small procedures, including oral practice every day, every day listening, Shanghai quiz, Hujiang small D, English, Japanese, Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai, Shanghai overseas Korean assistants, including oral practice every day, every day to listen to several small programs are loved by the users, in a leading position in the education category, and the other there are also several small programs inside the incubator in future, the time is ripe, will be launched.

Jin Bing pointed out that all small programs are developed around the user of Shanghai in listening, testing, training, examination, read, write multiple forms of learning and design, completely fit the user does not want to download APP, concerned about the mobile phone memory, with the point of mild learning psychological needs, whenever and wherever possible.

in fact, as early as September of this year, Shanghai had announced a new strategy, the future will focus on ecological education development of the two business: to school as the main body of the B2C business, internet education play the role of benchmarking, integration of Shanghai ecological resources; based on CCtalk service platform, enabling the development of the industry, enlarge ecological advantages. As one of the most important traffic entrance of Shanghai pool of ecological education, Shanghai Education small program matrix will be fully on the basis of existing Shanghai 160 million users, and 1T big data 160 million users daily production, and 10 years of accumulated profound technological advantages, accelerate the iterative function, complement each other with the Shanghai Education ecology, users become the most popular education small program.

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