What is the "Dragon Quest 11" in the color game?


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this month, "Dragon Quest" the Chinese version sold 11. With Chinese, the language barrier that had been troubling everyone was finally solved. It's fun to play a JRPG without any obstacle. JRPG feels very good.

, but often play the original version first. When the Chinese version comes out, a friend who comes in again should also get such an experience. Some things are hard to translate, and translation can't understand what it means.

recently had is playing the "Dragon Quest 11" the game player release such shots:

asked: "Pa Pa with enough" is what? Is it a translation, or there is no translation?

you wait, I'll go and see the Japanese version. The word "

"is the original examples examples", originally just,......

: Well, I still don't understand what it means.

stalks are like this, as we know what "good stand" "dark Tong Dawei" means, but not everyone knows.

, "Pa Pa with enough" is a terrier, and a old Terrier, if it is from the "Dragon Quest 11" into the pit of friends, never heard of is normal.

what is it like, then, "snap clap"? Where does

come from and where to go?

who created the "clap and clap"

, the old Terrier, has to be traced back to the familiar series of the Dragon Ball series.

at the time of the "Dragon Ball" whether comics or animation, will contain some slightly "colored" scene, there is a scene in which is this:

" Black Dragon: roar...... What is the size of the chest and chest...

boma: 85!

Oolong (imagine): Ha 85... It's really good to "snap up".

"snap clap" is the first time it's probably here. The use of onomatopoeia to describe an action, very obscure, and very image. From the action given by the comics, the "snap clap" has the meaning of "burying the face into the chest and squeezing". The simple Laishui is "burying the chest".

of course, "Pa Pa coating deposited" does not stay in the fantasy, after being put into practice, is also a "Dragon Ball":

" (the Dragon Wu Bloomer): face...... Sandwiched between Optima and Optima, "snap clap"!

Kame Sennin: clap! Is

very image, very rude? It's no wonder that Kame Sennin's nosebleeds are sprayed out.

so far, what we can learn is that "clap application" is a verb and noun appearing from dragon ball. It's the author of Akira Toriyama, or the character of "Oolong" in his works. This is how the

came to the "Dragon Quest" in it? Please look at the picture:

" is the same person painting "

" Dragon Quest series set has been served by the "Dragon Ball" by Akira Toriyama, although it is difficult to verify at that time, but perhaps he just wanted to join their stem in the game?

short, "Pa Pa on dressing is very active in the" Dragon Ball ", after" the way "to" Dragon Quest "(hereinafter referred to as DQ).

DQ1: This is really "black enough, this is not a Dream Pop with"

"Dragon Ball" in "Pa Pa to apply apply" now evaluation standards, is a factor is not quite good, but the "Dragon Quest" series of most of the works are rating for all ages, this is clearly not appropriate. Let the children see the burial chest, how can we call "all age"?

so in the "Dragon Quest" series, "bang bang on apply" although still exists, but with some changes, from the "direct" into a "hint", but this "hint" do not understand the original stem also cannot read at all.

but the interesting place is here, because it can't be said directly, so the means of "hinting" begins to become diverse. In the end, it is true that there is not a number of "clap". First we look at the first

run time is a what kind of scene.

tired hero came to town, there is a small sister dressed in white in front of you waved and said, ah brother


wants to be "snap clap", then

pays me 50G.

screen is black. With 50 gold coins missing from the pocket, everything becomes dull.

this is probably the first "snap clap" of the series, and the most mysterious, because we don't know what has happened at all, even one.

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