Gianna Jun gave birth to an oedema next month

Gianna Jun Liu Hai Z

fenghuangyule· 2017-12-07 12:51:16

36 year old Korean goddess Gianna Jun and husband Cui Junhe married in 2012 and February last year gave birth to a son, announced in June this year, pregnant again, child birth in the next month.

, but Gianna Jun actually had eight months pregnant to travel to Hongkong. In November 30th, Hongkong friends eat seafood in Xigong a famous Michelin restaurant, saw Gianna Jun with her husband and a woman are two friends to dinner, they all speak in Korean, so users can determine the identity of Gianna Jun.

" in fact, as early as a few days ago, there has been another netizen in micro-blog post, said December 1st in Hongkong's landmark encounter Gianna Jun couple, although he did not get positive, but how to describe Gianna Jun in addition to a big belly and the rest parts are very thin, makeup looks very beautiful.

" based on the observation, two couples are not wearing masks, only a hat to cover, Gianna Jun with a black shoes look behind the other collocation, is really thin, the way she took her husband's hand, very affectionate.

and Gianna Jun couple really love to travel, they look at the road before transillumination, height difference and it shot to the back of photos, basically the same.

. As for the photos taken by Hongkong netizens in restaurants, we can see the front of goddess. Su Yan, really super beautiful, and there is no edema, have been pregnant for eight months, still a little change, it is really amazing.

users was not sure if she heard Gianna Jun, until they speak Korean, and see the goddess on the nose mole, I know she is the goddess of 100%.

sits on the left side of the goddess man is Gianna Jun's husband, in order to confirm the identity of users, also have Internet search a photo of Cui Junhe, um, is he!

Gianna Jun did not regard herself as a star. It behaved naturally throughout the world, laughing and talking with friends and men.

" when the temperature in Hongkong is still relatively hot, some of them did not require a box or air conditioning position, but with the general public, sitting outside the restaurant, very down to earth.

, in addition, in December 6th, Gianna Jun and her husband have returned to Korea. When they went to a western restaurant, they were photographed by netizens.

Gianna Jun even in a heated room is wearing a down jacket, like short hair, and with a scarf tied bangs, or makeup … …

Gianna Jun looks like the usual Paiju beauty, successfully saved her a goddess.

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