Hsu Chi exposed Shawn Yue "a family of three" and laughed over the people

Shawn Yue Eddie Peng Hsu Chi

fenghuangyule· 2017-12-07 12:51:39

Hsu Chi, according to Taiwan media reports, Eddie Peng congratulated Shawn Yue on marriage last night at micro-blog: Congratulations, brother, happy for you, six uncle happiness. It is with Shawn Yue's wedding photos, but a closer look, the bride was stealthily! The original care for Wang Tangyun to hook Shawn Yue's smile sweet, but did not think of as a beak of Eddie Peng. A netizen message, sir, you play a lot of ah, ha ha ha you think there is no sense of violation and love, never mind, I am still.

Eddie Peng P figure

12 6 months, INS Hsu Chi also posted a photo of Eddie Peng and Shawn Yue holding the child's photo, funny bless them, there is no sense of violation and! I wish you a happy family. The net friend expresses: it is true love, can say very well.

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