It was sealed for 5 years! Zhang Ziyi 'marriage blockbuster delivered from oppression

Zhang Ziyi Huang Xiaoming Lee Hom Chang Chen

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" since the variety show "the actor's birth" hit, on the topic of Zhang Ziyi has never been broken, often see people in the circle of friends and micro-blog said: "didn't love Zhang Ziyi, she has recently been ring powder, love she is more and more" in the flow of flowers rampant today, Zhang Ziyi acting on their own continuous ring powder. Jun Jun today in Beijing also had the honor of Zhang Ziyi himself face to face contact.

" a beam of light, without a host, Zhang Ziyi whispered to sing out, gas field full!

, Zhang Ziyi is thinner than I expected, really super thin! The calf is fine and beautiful, and the actor is not the ordinary person who is able to do it, and it is all thin. But there's a lot of air! That breath has been lifted up! It never collapsed on the stage!

nonsense not say, Zhang Ziyi is for his new film "no" we asked the platform, the new movie for a long time without Zhang Ziyi, even she is looking forward to!

" Zhang Ziyi, Huang Xiaoming, Lee Hom, Chang Chen, Chen Chusheng, five big big coffee name, this is a what kind of movie? The film is directed by Li Fangfang and is the main force of Li Fangfang's "youth Trilogy". Her movie director's debut 80 is the main competition unit of the twenty-second Tokyo International Film Festival.

" in the "time" engine concept poster, stripped of the sense of the times, the main propeller like, like, like gear dial, all elements combined blowing great time engine ", seems to stir people's numerous troubled times grief at separation and joy in union.

with fixed gear Posters Released, "we ask" also exposed a group with the texture of the film stills, all stills are used 2.35:1 wide screen film original proportion, against the background of "no" to the East West ask unique temperament with film of.

Zhang Ziyi

Huang Xiaoming

Lee Hom

" Chang Chen

Chen Chusheng

" this drama in addition to Zhang Ziyi, Huang Xiaoming, Lee Hom, Chang Chen, starring Chen Chusheng, is the most The close fire of the old play bone Zu Feng, such as a number of drama bone grade actors joined together, can be known as a Chinese language movie can not be missed "heavy cooperation".

the five stars are the biggest publicity points of this movie. But when shooting the film, Zhang Ziyi has not yet become "palace two", and Huang Xiaoming is not yet a very expensive "Huang Godmaster". At that time, the "west east" asked or a celebration of tribute film. In 2011, it was a centennial anniversary of the Tsinghua University, and the school held a year long celebration. In June of that year, the school decided to launch the official anniversary movie "no" we asked, "in the title comes from Tsinghua School Song Rucker Liyan, without asking my".

" it is reported that, in the movie the preparatory period, director Li Fangfang led the crew team in 14 months to collect more than one million words of literature, Handmade apparel production nearly ten thousand pieces, to restore the historic buildings, scenes and props to display, every detail according to the test.

5 Zhang Ziyi years ago, at that time, she had not yet been with Wang Feng. The girl also put the Buddha first awakening interest in the opposite sex

earlier, "no" we asked the actors said in an interview, can together are being moved script. Zhang Ziyi said: "when I see a tear, I touched it too, and even did not dare to look down, but curious, is an unforgettable experience for me. "Huang Xiaoming also said:" to get the script to read the breath, very moved, several times for it tears, let me decide to come to join the story. "

" movie today, no questions asked "we held a news conference in Beijing, Zhang Ziyi talked about the movie scene in the meaning of the name, she said:" I hope you remember there is a movie called "no" we ask, we can understanding is not clear east
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