Beijing lawyer in Hubei was more than 20 people were buried alive by insurance

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fazhiwanbao· 2017-12-07 15:04:46

- view news Legal Evening News News December 6th, 11 at noon today, two Beijing lawyers attended the trial in Hubei with the land of Jingmen City Intermediate People's court, back to the hotel luggage ready to leave, was hit more than 20 unidentified persons, these people clamored to lawyers will be buried alive, one of the lawyers were dragged to a car, there are a lot of shovel and bag on the car.

was hit by lawyer Wang Zhiwei at the scene. The pictures in this article are from the view news Legal Evening News. The news reporter was exclusively informed that the police station of Longquan police station of Hubei Jingmen Public Security Bureau Dongbao District rushed to the scene and caught a suspect on the spot. The case is under investigation.

, according to witnesses, Mr. Pei said, "at that time, I saw that at the gate of overseas Chinese hotel, they (two lawyers) placed their luggage in the trunk of the car, and those people didn't speak up, so I called 110. There are monitoring videos at the entrance of the hotel, and I have seen it. "

broke the news to reporters according to the scene witnesses. The reporter was linked to two lawyers beaten by Gu Dongqing, Wang Zhiwei, Beijing Jing Ping law firm.

lawyer told reporters that this morning, they a case agent in Jingmen City Intermediate People's court, they left the court after the trial, we found unidentified people have been trailing behind, they take the luggage into the car in front of the hotel on luggage, more than 20 unidentified people came up to they were beaten and clamoring for the lawyer alive.

used by the vehicle. "This time to participate in the trial, the parties have reminded us that before thugs threaten them, let us take the luggage to go. "The lawyer said.

lawyer said, because there is a reminder of the parties, they plan to leave the local area immediately after the court trial, but no longer stay, but they are still being followed. When they pack up, they will follow us upstairs.

, when they didn't say anything at all, they just hit, so I ran to the hall. Five or six people pulled me on a business car and clamored to bury me alive. On the business car, I saw a shovel and a bag. "The lawyer recalls," more than 20 of them were divided into two batches. There were more than 10 people around him and me, and I saw that Lawyer Wang was knocked down on the ground. "

said," there are passers alarm, and we lived in a hotel from the court only 50 meters away, after the incident police rushed over, the more than 20 of us beat down. "

police check the suspect inside the car, there are a lot of tools such as shovels and bags. Mr. Gu said that later he and his colleagues looked at the monitoring video of the hotel. The whole process was clear, and the police had copied it. At present, two lawyers have been in the local police station to finish the record, ready to go to the hospital for examination.

it is understood that after the police arrived at the Longquan police station in Jingmen District of Hubei Public Security Bureau, a criminal suspect was arrested on the spot, and the person has been imprisoned at the moment, according to


police captured a suspect. Reporters were linked to the Longquan police station of the Jingmen Public Security Bureau in Hubei, and the cases are being investigated. The case is inconvenient to reveal the case.

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