Uncle wearing "domestic quantum stealth clothing" disappeared? The truth is embarrassing

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wulumuqihangkongyouxian· 2017-12-07 15:04:58

CCTV news client December 7th news, "stealth clothes" really made up?

recently launched a video stealth video on the Internet. An old man was carrying a cloth with invisible function. When the cloth blocked the body, people really disappeared and only saw the flowers behind it. It is rumoured that this is the "homemade quantum invisibility garment" invented by Zhejiang University teacher. Some netizens say this is the mysterious force from China. Others say "magic" is only … … is there a stealth suit? How can a man disappear from the air?

" video screenshot a professional video production company after watching this video denied the speculation, saying it is a section through the late matting technology and the synthesis of a film, there are many video compositing software can make this effect. And explain the principle of this video production:

first time, first shooting unpure background.

second times, the characters take the green cloth and take it again.

then, using the software to cut out the green cloth part, the two video synthesis, out of the "stealth clothes" effect.

similar technology has been widely used in the movie

movie scene, green cloth background.

" filming green cloth background, wearing green staff.

video on the invisible cloth on a few flash points, in fact, is the location of the image matting, is used for tracking.

in addition, the video also has "goofs". Some netizens said that the video "the old man kicking the leaves in the Akira, but Bree leaves not shaking away". This also proves that the video is made from two video stitching.

actually, this kind of "stealth clothing" video has been widely spread on the Internet. For example, in the following motion picture, a father gave the child a video of a "stealth". At the end of the video, the "stealth coat" revealed its original form, which was a green cloth.

" video screenshot why

will be passed as "Zhejiang University Teacher invented a cloak? After the

video was sent out, why did many netizens think it was "the stealth dress invented by the teacher of Zhejiang University"?

originally, in 2013, Professor Chen Hongsheng of the Department of letter and electricity of Zhejiang University did invent a "stealth clothing". Though it is called "cloak", it is actually not a garment or cloth, but a hexagonal columnar about 5 centimeters on each side. The device is surrounded by ordinary plexiglass, and the core "invisible channel" is made up of special optical glass. In the experiment,

used the stealth device to "stealth" objects such as cats, fish and pencils. The research achievement of the invisible invisibility electromagnetic wave invisibility clothing mechanism in visible light band, which was completed by Professor Chen Hongsheng, was published in the October 24th nature communication magazine. But this "cloak" nor "cloak", and network transmission of video is not the same thing.

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Uncle wearing "domestic quantum stealth clothing" disappeared? The truth is...