The driver injured girls be afraid to bear responsibility for killing the child organ allegedly dug

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11 26, on the 26 day, micro-blog net friend "where you are in" a search post to arouse the attention of netizens. Post said, his 9 year old daughter Tao Xiuli, on the afternoon of November 25th near the 1 point in Chinese fir in Hubei township of Huangmei County Sha Ling Cun Tao Jia Wan arch was forcibly taken away, the other side to open a brand of Wuhan white Mazda car. Mr. Tao, the father of

, told the Beijing Youth Daily that the child was in grade three this year. The day was Saturday, and he was playing at the door. "The neighbour saw someone talking to the child and then put it on the car and took it away. The children found missing after looking for a few hours to no avail, Tao was born in the night 8 points to the Huangmei County Public Security Bureau reported. On

28 day, Mr. Tao received a notice from the police. Her daughter found it, but he was killed. "After my mother knew the news, I had been dizzy several times. I was worried about her body, and I tried to keep calm." Mr. Tao again saw her daughter at the funeral home. "Her hair has been completely shaved, her body is all bandage, and there are many wounds in the head and shoulder." Mr. Tao said that the forensic doctor had done the autopsy when he saw the child, but did not tell his family about the results.

on the same day, Tao and his family brought the child back to bury. At the same time, the net friend "where you are," the message said, "the baby's organs are all dug away". In this regard, Mr. Tao explained that the first family member who found the child was not there. There was such suspicion in the funeral parlour, but he didn't know what was under the bandage, and asked the police not to get the answer. "We can only believe the police now, too.

11 30, Huangmei County Public Security Bureau issued notification that the November 25th 20 am, Huangmei County Public Security Bureau received a public warning, 13 pm the same day, Huangmei County Mu Xiang Sha Ling Cun, a 9 year old girl surnamed Tao missing in the neighborhood. The County Public Security Bureau immediately set up a special task force consisting of the Criminal Investigation Brigade and the fir police station. After a series of investigations, it found that the girl's disappearance case was suspected of a criminal offence and quickly locked the suspects and involved vehicles.

reported that in November 27th, 13 hours, Huangmei County Public Security Bureau seized a criminal suspect he (Huangmei County before the town, in 1988). According to the suspect Hemou initially confessed, November 25th 13 am, the driving way of the road, accidentally knocked down for fear of girls surnamed Tao, assume the responsibility of the traffic accident, and girls hold on the car, and dragged to a remote place to kill. After Hemou identified, police found murdered girls surnamed Tao remains. At present, the criminal suspect he is suspected of intentional homicide, has been detained by the Huangmei County Public Security Bureau in accordance with the law, and the case is being further investigated.

Tao said that the family was poorer, and he and his wife worked outside, and the children lived with their granny. He does not know the suspect killed her daughter, may not have what holidays, hatred. "After the suspect was caught, none of our families had seen it. I wanted him to be shot and a fair daughter. "

original title: a 9 year old girl who was injured by a driver in Hubei was afraid to take responsibility for killing

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