WAL-MART announced to change the name of the company again

WAL-MART Wednesday dollar

PingWestpinwan· 2017-12-07 15:05:11

WAL-MART announced on Wednesday that it would change the company's legal name from "Wal-Mart Stores" to "Walmart Inc", which will take effect on February 1, 2018. WAL-MART's renaming is on the occasion of the company's strong investment in the digital strategy. Last year, WAL-MART bought Amazon's rival Jet.com for $3 billion 300 million. Through the deal, WAL-MART has begun to create some online brands, such as Modcloth and Bonobos.

analysts say the rename will not change the way WAL-MART operates, but highlights the emphasis on its growing e-commerce. Now, WAL-MART is no longer limited to selling goods in traditional retail stores, but also online. Dong Minglun, President and CEO Doug of WAL-MART, said: "although our legal name is limited to use, we believe that we should use a name that is consistent with consumer shopping." (McMillon) "

WAL-MART was founded in 1969, when the company's legal name was" Wal-Mart, Inc ". In 1970, WAL-MART was renamed "Wal-Mart Stores", which has been used to the present. From February next year, WAL-MART will be renamed "Walmart Inc" again.

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WAL-MART announced to change the name of the company again

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