The other girl Nu Civil Affairs Bureau, and her husband are looking for the licensing so difficult

Nanning go office

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marriage is a great event and a happy thing for a person.

result is difficult because of marriage certificate.

delays work and delays life.

gets married license and gets a fire. Can you bear


take a look at this Nanning girl in the Hengxian Civil Affairs Bureau Zaoxin … …

Nanning a woman suffered a very frustrating thing in the Civil Affairs Bureau of Hengxian. She is from Nanning, and her boyfriend is a Hengxian person. The couple decided to go through the marriage certificate in the Civil Affairs Bureau of Hengxian. Can run three times in the Civil Affairs Bureau, the marriage card is hard to die. For the gods?

what happened in the middle of this?

11 29 in the morning, woman and her boyfriend happily go to the Civil Affairs Bureau of Hengxian marriage registration office to apply for marriage registration, began a period of non-stop around the Zaoxin experience … …

to the first: "enough" and "your copy of"

the woman and her boyfriend go to home early in the morning Bureau of registration of marriage, the woman's circumstances are special, because her ID number was too heavy, so I ran a lot of department that is in order to successfully register. But the attitude of the staff really make people ignorant: forced a woman directly dumped stinkeye, also super impatient!

sister:??? Although the face Meng force, but the woman still endured temper speak well, today is a good day for her.

&hellip &hellip

so the woman and her boyfriend in the male staff asked to go to the police station to make up the material, in the afternoon, two people ran a trip, the staff asked: "these things copy? "

sister" is very popular. The first is the attitude is too poor to bear. Secondly, what materials can I need to say clearly at one time? Let the masses run and run, and they have to say that the masses are not ready for the material.

second: "go out" and "copier lend"

gas but the girl back and checked the data, according to the online experience, the materials needed in the company the copy is ready.

then went to the Civil Affairs Bureau again, but it was in the air again. This time, the staff became more "diverse" in her form.

's sister in line, to himself, yesterday the man saw himself, and said, "I have something to go out, you go to do it!" "

's sister went to the office next door and did not expect the other woman to have a similar attitude.

's sister thinks that it is too troublesome to run and run, and that he wants to copy it in the Civil Affairs Bureau, and the other side directly dump a sentence: "do not copy it outside!" "

woman wonder when

went to work for what the staff attitude is so bad? What materials need to be prepared not to be told at once? And it does not provide convenience to the masses, the copier refuses to borrow, this rule is unthinkable.

funny thing is, after the first woman's work in the Hengxian Civil Affairs Bureau of the folks gathered.

woman said: it is that the staff not only that of his attitude, and delay their time on other matters to handle the masses are not friendly, ask a few people but also fierce!

" to handle the business of the uncle came to Eminem said in the woman, but revealed deep frustration: we have to do a lot of days, every time. This may not be the not, but we have what way?

third times to people … … what about people?

11 30 early in the morning, sister went to Hengxian Civil Affairs Bureau marriage registration office, this is the third time the younger sister has gone. The results just a door … … no

position, but the trial outdoor staff whereabouts card or office, to handle the business of the masses have quickly become a pot of porridge, there are a lot of outside and etc..

" until the woman went to the next window handle, the day of the female staff is still not a good look, the girl told the copy materials do not meet the requirements.

's sister says: do you need anything to say it at once? Speak well for the people

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