How to escape in a nuclear explosion?

Radioactivity burns science people

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if the nuclear war is really coming, how do we snatched from the jaws of death? Since the birth of

nuclear weapons, the fear of nuclear explosions has cooled. Even in the newly emerging countries, the people are still living and working, and they are not likely to show panic.

, after all, since Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear explosions, nuclear weapons have no chance to fight. The experience of the cold war also seems to indicate that as the most destructive, consequence and most controllable deterrent weapon, nuclear bombs will only be used to intimidate, and the possibility of using them is very low.

however, deep in our hearts, we still have to worry about it: if this little possibility, unfortunately, where we live in our own place?

man famous website NukeMap , can choose all kinds of nuclear weapons has developed human combat any city on earth, and estimate the casualties and loss of / images from

when the mushroom cloud rises in the window, great noise and strong light followed. Is it possible to find a way out in the explosion? The protagonists of the

nuclear war

are used to attack the nuclear weapons of the city, including strategic nuclear weapons, tactical nuclear weapons, small nuclear bombs and nuclear dirty bombs. In addition, the explosion of nuclear industrial facilities can also cause a heavy blow.

, the most common and most common film and television works in China are strategic nuclear weapons and tactical nuclear weapons. The former attacks strategic objectives such as military bases, industrial bases and transportation hubs, and the latter attacks enemy command posts, airports and other facilities. The differences in the two are also reflected in the flight mileage and the lethality.

, although the theory is still possible for the bombers carrying nuclear bombs over the city to put in, but this is after all too classic, except for the jade pieces, not in the actual application of may.

at present, the development of the nuclear countries is to launch a rocket as a carrier and launch the nuclear warhead to the target area.

small nuclear bomb is relatively new, refers to nuclear technology manufacturing precision guided bombs, shells and other weapons, compared with conventional weapons, small nuclear volume smaller, more lethal.

North Korea, in remembrance of the 70th anniversary parade of the labor party, showed the nuclear knapsack of the people's Army soldiers, known as miniaturized nuclear bombs.

" however, according to the national assessment of North Korea's nuclear technology, the miniaturization requirements of nuclear technology and nuclear safety performance seems to be too high, people's army is more likely to be equipped with a dirty bomb or a nuclear radiation monitoring device. The

nuclear bomb is a conventional bomb bearing radioactive material, which is spread by an explosion. Compared with general nuclear weapons, nuclear bombs do not use nuclear explosions or attack targets. Their design goal is to pollute the attacked areas and cause ecological disasters. In theory, the harm of a nuclear bomb is the same as that of a nuclear facility.

, if these all kinds of nuclear weapons are really coming, how will they kill us? What can we do to escape the day? How to kill

nuclear bombs?

, in a real sense of nuclear explosion, is mainly about optical radiation, explosive shock wave, nuclear radiation and radioactive contamination.

man of ordinary people to like Wolverine nuclear explosion Soviet military exercises with strong ability to resist nuclear

1954's self-healing "Snow", there are 300 planes, 600 tanks and 45000 soldiers to participate in non nuclear protection, after the explosion only 15 minutes, they rushed to the center of blasting. Totsky test field

the exercise occurred in the area of all Boolean Olin, soldiers participating in the exercise have signed a confidentiality agreement, totsky district hospital from 1954 to 1980 medical records were destroyed. In the early 90s, 2000 of the 45000 soldiers who participated in the exercise were still alive.

's encounter with these people left the most intuitive experimental data on the nuclear explosion.

" in the snow man exercise, an artillery battalion commander drew the impression of a nuclear explosion, he also joined the marshal Zhukov in memory. Optical radiation is the first step in the huge energy generated by

nuclear explosions. It generates 35% of the energy of the whole nuclear explosion, forming a fireball with high temperature and high pressure and expanding continuously, emitting the radiation energy flow composed of ultraviolet, visible and infrared.

radiation is an important destruction factor of nuclear explosion, which is produced in the first few seconds of the nuclear explosion. With a 1000 ton TNT equivalent

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