Japanese media candid Chinese base net friends repulsion 8 meters thick wall can not stop

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According to

, cctv.com reported on December 7th, recently, Japan for the Chinese "movement" frequently, a series of exciting the funny things seem to play fine two words are not enough to describe. On the 5 th of

12, the Japanese cross party member alliance "all members visited the Yasukuni Shrine Congress member" (President Otsuji Shuku) visited the nine Yasukuni Shrine in the north of Tokyo. The domestic media called this behavior a collective ghosts.

is much more dramatic. In Shiyuan City, Okinawa, Japan also plans to change the name of the Diaoyu islands into "Shiyuan city". This bill has been put forward at the regular meeting of the Municipal Council. In response, the Chinese Foreign Ministry responded forcefully: "China urges Japan to look at the history and reality and stop making trouble on this issue, so as to avoid damaging the improvement of bilateral relations. "

China many users of these Japanese" tricks "said very helpless, have commented:" nonsense, it is like a child ";" it seems to confuse right and wrong, the Japanese right-wing against the world".......

our Djibouti base is 8 meters thick wall said: "it doesn't stop the

you" in addition to these "willful" move, most speechless, the Japanese media on China military development is 5150mrs "concern".

12" on Sept. 3, Japan's NHK television reported on the Chinese Embassy in Djibouti logistics base, and with the title "the rare lens", conducted a two day continuous attention. (video screenshot)

NHK reported from the video can be seen, a large part in my shots were taken in Djibouti security base outside a few kilometers, because too far away, have to for the use of high magnification camera lens. But surprisingly, they did not get off the reporter interviewed, but hiding in the driving car were reported, even did not roll down the window.

news images are wobbly, looking a little dizzy for a long time, and the pixels are very spicy. What kind of interview "style" is very puzzling. Some people would say, do you have to do it well? Answer: of course not! Because they are not the backyard of their own, but the military stationed in other countries, simply say, this is "candid"!!!

said Toupai, our first reaction is the paparazzi, the wretched man … … to combine the word and a state media, also really is very difficult. But this is the general case, politeness limits our imagination, in the two case, Japan broke the US &hellip cognition of the relations between nations; …

NHK combined with bold candid "reasonable imagination", on the China bases in Djibouti made a detailed report. They said the base was surrounded by a wall thickness of 8 meters, a strong design thought of the famous the Great Wall; you can see soldiers on duty in the post.

for this, Chinese netizens are very helpless: "8 meters thick can not stop you! "There are people worried about

Japanese media common sense:" the mathematics is taught physical education teacher, how high 8 meters thick? "

and friends said:" even if the construction of the Great Wall and how. Is the wall used for your brick? Or even your home WiFi.

in fact, Japan's Chinese overseas military has always been suspicious, not only is the design on our security base, in August this year, even interference of Djibouti port of call China escort ships. But in fact, China's construction of overseas security base in Djibouti is just to better protect the Chinese Army's implementation of international peacekeeping, Gulf of Aden and Somalia maritime escort, humanitarian relief and other tasks. This plays an active role in the effective implementation of international obligations for the Chinese army and the maintenance of international and regional peace and stability.

is your anger I resident Defense Ministry spokesman responded: "we don't care about"

go away because of the Chinese videotaping, Japanese spy, has a long history. Before the

early in the launch of the Sino Japanese War, the Japanese government is weaving a tight spy network, to develop specific policies and tactics by providing accurate information for decision makers; "918" after the incident, the Japanese army launched an all-out war of aggression against China, Japan Spy is raging Chinese.

, but the shadow of defeat has not prompted the country to reflect. In the recent 100 years, today, facing the rising China, their mentality is more complex.

2016" at the end of the year, Chinese Navy's first aircraft carrier Liaoning ship for the first time before the sea drills, the Western Pacific, and along the eastern waters of Taiwan to the South China Sea exercises. Japan was not idle, and quickly released its so-called "Liaoning ship carrier formation movement" and took pictures.

2016 year, in December 29th,
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Japanese media candid Chinese base net friends repulsion 8 meters thick wall...

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