The man organized a woman's pornographic show with a profit of 1 million 200 thousand half a year.

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xiandaikuaibaoquanmei· 2017-12-07 15:07:47

Modern Express News (reporter, Liu Yao) Shanghai Man Wang has made quick money. He has sent several netizens to help him connect with the female anchor, advertise and sell tickets, and has started a pornographic performance business in QQ group. In less than half a year, the direct seeding organization expanded to 25 managers, earning more than 118.76 million yuan. Later, the public security organs received a report to capture them. Recently, the court of the Drum Tower of Nanjing made a decision and sentenced Wang to a sentence of ranging from 1 to 5 years, with a penalty of 1 to 100 thousand yuan.

, a 35 year old Wang, is an employee of a network technology company in Shanghai. He often pays online to see some Internet pornographic live performances during his off hours. After a long time, he wants to find his female anchor in QQ group and earn "organization fee". In July

2016, he made the Zhejiang man Liu and the Chongqing man Li and others as deputy. Liu Mouxian contacted the female anchors who were willing to perform from other live software and QQ group. He promised to pay them 500 to 2000 yuan after the end of each performance. Then, Li took the photos of the women's anchors, and made up the advertisement drawings with the characters of the bare bones, and spread them around. When people take the initiative to contact them, WeChat, red QQ charge 35 yuan ticket fee will be paid by, and then the man pulled a unified group, began to show. During the performance, Liu, Li and others served as administrators in the group, and managed various orders or commanders performing various actions. Wang paid Liu Yuan a fixed salary of 200 yuan a day, while Li was motivated by "enthusiasm" and volunteered to help.

later, Wang's deputy hands went to help all over the country through the Internet. By the end of January 2017, their obscenity group had reached 25. They arranged a fixed time and organized two performances each day at 1 in the morning and at 11 in the evening, each 40 minutes. In less than half a year, the organization sold more than 34000 tickets, and the amount involved amounted to more than 118.76 million yuan. Only one person from Wang made more than 100 thousand yuan.

later, the Nanjing public security organs received a report from a net friend. In the middle of January 2017, 23 managers were arrested and two others voluntarily surrender themselves.

court heard that Wang and other 25 suspects were organized for pornographic performances using the Internet and mobile communication terminals for the purpose of making profits. Their behavior has constituted the crime of organizing pornographic performances and is a joint crime.

recently, Nanjing Gulou court verdict, Wang was sentenced to 5 years and 10 months, and fined 100 thousand. The rest of the people were sentenced to 1 to 4 and a half years of imprisonment and 1 to 100 thousand of the penalties.

(editor Yu Shuang)

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