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if the completion of this transaction, it means that in the short term but Jia Yueting left for home? The first electric combing found that on his way back to his home, there were three critical juncture.

first electric exclusive news. In December 1st, Jia Yueting signed an agreement with the investment organization from Hongkong through the lawyer team. According to the agreement, Faraday will get a sum of more than 1 billion dollars in the future (hereinafter referred to as FF). After the deal was completed, Jia Yueting will drive the FF production base as soon as possible to fulfill his promise to sell in 2019. Precarious FF cars finally came to a son, Jia Yueting began to survive the jedi.

news personage disclosed to the first electric car a week ago. For half a year, Jia Yue Ting team contacted nearly 20 investment institutions. One of them was strongly intentional. Three weeks ago, a group dispatched from Hongkong to the us to make the adjustment, and has paid 30 million yuan in sincerity and gold to solve the urgent need of FF.

12 1 am on the morning, the two sides finally reached an investment agreement, but the investor background and transaction valuation and other information are strictly confidential. In November, Jia Yueting and "prism" dialogue revealed to FF reported a $5 billion valuation, the valuation of domestic cars startups Wei to car is quite.

sources pointed out that in the Hongkong consortium, in such a disruption but shot, not only needs to have the observation of deep industry, but also need to have a strong commercial drive, consistent with the above two traits, with "little Superman" Richard Lee most likely. Since the 2015 Fisker bid to Wanxiang Group, Richard Lee has been seeking opportunities for the automotive industry layout.

, in view of this, whether Jia Yueting or not to transfer the position of large shareholders or even to transfer the control of FF should be the focus of this transaction negotiation. The source said Jia Yueting made a very big concession. Jia Yueting previously said, "willing to give up the position of large shareholders, but the death will not give out FF control." As of

, FF officials did not respond to this transaction information.

, how far is the way to return to Jia Yueting?

since November 2016 as the outbreak of the crisis, the Music Department of A rout is like a landslide., a huge collapse between business system. Although during the "White Knight" Sun Hongbin to the rescue of 15 billion heavily, also unable to reverse the situation. In July 6th this year, Jia Yue Ting went to the United States alone. He sent the document "I will do my duty to the end". I urge you to give him some time, he will return all the financial institutions, suppliers and any debts. "When did Jia Yueting return home? "Since then it has become the focus of media and public attention.

first made clear why he could not return home. According to public information, Jia Yueting has been included in the financial institutions "dishonest executor" list, commonly known as "Laolai", once home, will be limited to the country. Therefore, the premise of his return is to return the main arrears and regain the credit. Previous media reports that Jia Yueting has paid 19 billion yuan (the vast majority of the financial institutions) has been paid, and the remaining about 20000000000.

therefore, the first pass he has to pass is to complete FF financing and achieve mass production. This is his last chance to fight against the Jedi. In the next 16 months, FF will redeem most of the trust if he completes its production as scheduled and has been listed as an amazing product experience. But in view of the FF reality talent die, the production shut down for one year, he wants to re unite the team in the short term, the reconstruction of multiple system of the supply chain, manufacturing, sales and service, the challenge is huge.

second, LETV listed company (stock code 300104) after the resumption of stock price can be stable, does not appear cliff collapse. Since the suspension in April 7th of this year, LETV has suffered major losses. The financial institutions have repeatedly lowered their valuations. The situation is extremely tragic. "Lettway resumption" has become a major black swan event that affects many investors. According to the closing price of 30.68 yuan (15.33 yuan) before the closing price of the music network, the stock market price of Jia Yueting is 16 billion 290 million yuan. In view of the fact that most of his shares have been frozen, LETV management has the financial record department took over, Jia Yueting LETV business performance improvement has no influence, therefore, to stabilize and enhance the price of this goal, can only hope that FF made substantial progress in the effect of cars, the previous "oversold" will change the investment mechanism. However, if the performance of the four seasons is to rebound, or to reorganize major assets, the situation may be changed. The third pass of

is to stop bleeding as soon as possible, and strive to make the debt problem of music as the early stage, which is resolved reasonably, including music, mobile sports, music, sports, music and so on. A third party investment organization said that the possible solution to the debt problem of music as a non listed system is asset restructuring, bankruptcy and liquidation, but it needs to be consistent with other shareholders, creditors and related governments.

"angels" game when

LETV founded thirteen years, public information available on the company's Jia Yueting 100, composed of seven ecological dazzling "". In January of this year, Sun Hongbin, chairman of the board of directors of Chong Rong, reorganized the business of music and vision department, and strongly controlled and expanded the system of music as a listing company. Now it includes LOHAS, lozin, New Zealand, music video, music, finance and Le Shiyun.

in January of this year

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