The Japanese tried to "boycott" the Chinese goods, and the family was empty.

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During the days of the

boom in Japan, some people pursued "Made In JAPAN". Little did they know that Chinese products went to the world very early. Many high-end products were from China's hands. It can be said that it is a common thing to see "Made In CHINA" in every country.

some people go abroad to shop to avoid Made, but in many Japanese homes, from eating to dressing, many things are actually. A program did an experiment: what would it be if you removed the "Made In CHINA" product to a Japanese home?

Briefly Talking about the layout of the room, this is a three story single floor building in Tokyo metropolitan area. The protagonist and his wife and two children live in the house.

" is on the first floor study and storage room, bath room and wash Taiwan

two floor is 25 square meters living room

" this time the object is removed as long as the object Posting "Made In CHINA" or parts made in China.

first experts said early in this room, there are a lot of things will disappear.

first started from the Blu ray recorder, and posted "Made Made" outside.

, and the experts recommended that the video recorder be disassembled, indicating that there will be Chinese made parts. The result is dismantled... There is... This thing is the first object to be removed.

" video inside due to dirty, clean up the hero to let them away, the cleaner used was not used, experts pointed out: "you this is Chinese production".

washing machine, bread machine, air freshener and weight meter are all made in China.

refrigerator because transportation is very difficult, the Japanese fridge is generally Nissan.

, the main energy-saving lamp is also produced in China. Currently, the products of the ">

" occupy the largest share in the world market in China.

moved to the first floor of the study and began to investigate the clothes.

clothing experts said the Japanese domestic clothes have 8 percent of all Chinese manufacturing, although the manufacturing Chinese give a cheap impression, but in fact the Japanese fashion industry, Chinese is the world standard, many luxury brands in the China production.

experts readily took a hero looks like some fancy suit, a look at the label found China production. At present, China's sewing technology is the top of the world, and many high-grade clothes are from China.

yes, the hero's clothes are almost made in China. Most of them are taken away.

" in the production of shoes in China is also the first in the world. There are 13 pairs of 28 pairs of shoes in the protagonist's shoe cabinet, which are made in China. Almost all of the toys in the

family are Chinese.

clear the owner of Chinese products in the home.

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The Japanese tried to "boycott" the Chinese goods, and the family was empty.