Is it really so bad for MIT to be invited by MIT to personally invite the teenager?

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guanchazhewang· 2017-12-07 15:09:07

At the age of 8 years old

6 programming, construction site, 13 year old founder of the company, the 14 year old was admitted to MIT as "preppy", former U.S. president personally sent a letter of invitation admission … &hellip

; Shandong Laiyang student Li Xiangnan recently became the "Red Net prodigy", a lot of people zitanfuru.

about his report is also overwhelming, many media forwarded.

, however, look again today.

Li Xiangnan's video on micro-blog has been deleted.

comment area has also been questioned, afraid not fake news.

" let us seriously.

first, Li Xiangnan claimed to be accepted by MIT.

" video has been deleted, thank friends screenshot

but as everyone knows, the MIT name "Massachusetts Institute of Technology" (MIT), rather than "mit".

" may be a slip of the tongue? But the time of admission is also doubtful.

Shandong radio and television lightning News reported in the report that Li Xiangnan successfully signed the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in October 13th this year.

. According to the observer Web query, MIT official website, the deadline for application of undergraduate enrollment is November 15th (spring enrollment) and March 15th (autumn enrollment).

, and in the official news of MIT, the latest report that the "wonder child" enrolled by India is 15 year old India American.

screenshots from the MIT official website. If China's 14 year old boy Li Xiangnan has been accepted before the deadline, why didn't he report it?

, in addition, is known to have a number of netizens point out that MIT does not exist "prep students".

again looks at a series of awards in Li Xiangnan's report.

"the ACPC international competition organized by the APEC" is a photo of Ali cloud, and the speaker is not Li Xiangnan.

" and "ACPC international competition" is what the observer network query "ACPC" and "ACPC WTO", have not received any information.

also reported that the certificate authority was issued by the WTO, the world trade organization.

contradict itself. What is the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation?

" media reports also drying out two mail screenshot slots point a lot, although the inscription different, but it's the same sender "David lee". The first seal of

comes from South China University of Technology.

looked up the wrong name;

text "my school leaders learned from relevant aspects of rhetoric" ready to accept either course, only

; inscribed the name and date, position and contact information are not.

" is another letter from the University of Waterloo in Canada, it is Its loopholes appeared one after another.

(mixed up English inscribed text, Chinese);

recipient "my own mailbox";

William Jefferson Clinton was signed.

, which is really, Clinton will see tears, Hilary will be silent.

report also said the 13 year old Li Xiangnan incorporated in the "Laiyang Puyun Oh computing co.".

, a civil servant without a civil capacity to start a company?

, according to the observer network, is a share of Li Xiangnan in the company, and the other two are likely to be their parents.

and all the chips on the site, "strong> of the Laiyang Puyun Oh computing limited, PPT producer, was also called David Lee.

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