After the 1980s, there are also cadres who have fallen out of the horse. He was previously referred to the leader to send money

Suining Sichuan legal evening newspaper RMB

fazhiwanbao· 2017-12-07 15:09:47

Legal Evening News, reporter Zhang Ying, December 6th, Sichuan Suining science and Technology Association party members and county cadres, Cai Hua Jun were suspected of serious violation of discipline. Now they are being examined by the organization.

reporter noted that Cai Huajun is a standard "post-80s", and his Lok Ma has long been a symptom. He was relieved from the post of vice president of Suining Association for science and technology at the beginning of this year, retaining the former rank treatment.

resume shows that Cai Huajun was born in January 1980, Anju District of Suining, graduate degree. Beginning in 1998, first in the local primary school teaching, he served as director of the Commission for Discipline Inspection Office in Suining city for 10 years, after 2 years as Shehong county Party Committee Standing Committee, Secretary of the County Commission for Discipline inspection. In October 2014, he was the Secretary of the Communist Youth League and the party secretary of the Party committee of the Suining municipal Party committee.

held a meeting of cadres and workers at the Suining Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China. Cai Huajun once said he was very grateful to the Municipal Committee for his trust. In the future work, we should enhance learning and quality, lay stress on solidarity and bring up a good team, and really do solid work and forge ahead.

2016" in August, Cai Hua army vice chairman of the Suining Municipal Science and Technology Association, however, took only 4 months later, Cai Huajun was removed from office. At the beginning of this year, the Suining municipal Party Committee Organization Department released the work of cadre appointment and dismissal. Cai Huajun was no longer the vice president of Suining science and Technology Association. He retained the original rank treatment.

view reporter noted that Cai Huajun's last public appearance was before November 17th. At that time, the second round of national tour of China Mobile science and Technology Museum started in Shehong, Sichuan. Cai Huajun attended the event as a member of the Party group of the Municipal Science Association and pressed the ball.

as the name of 80 was sacked, public reports indicate that he was accused of bribery and for job transfer. In the morning of August 22nd this year, the original case of Sun Zhiyi, the former chairman of the Suining Municipal Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), was heard in the open court in the Panzhihua city center of Panzhihua, Sichuan.

" prosecutor accused, Sun Zhiyi use of his office, for the benefit of others in the aspect of construction, project planning, mobilize cadres, job promotion, petition processing, has repeatedly received 10 people including Cai Huajun to send more than 820 yuan in cash 2 sets of furniture, the value of 85 thousand yuan, totaling more than 829 yuan, of which 8 bribes 1 million 280 thousand yuan.

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