The mass crash of the American mission server! Have you got your takeout?


yangshicaijing· 2017-12-07 15:09:53

12 7 July at about 11, users micro Bo said, takeout orders payment delays, some users after the payment system is still not prompt payment; the content of the page can not display normal group purchase. A massive collapse of the U.S. mission server, including takeout and group buying, has been affected.

delta users screenshot micro-blog

is reported that U.S. online customer service call, suspected of being "shot", unable to access the system is busy.

U.S. top micro-blog comments "fall", users have a message response payment failure problem. This official micro-blog message responded: "I'm very sorry for the inconvenience, due to network effects, resulting in some users will duplicate payments, technical staff are emergency, please don't worry, repeated payments will be returned to you the way, money will be in 1-7 working days of arrival thank you for your support, the U.S. group net. "

a U.S. micro-blog message

source: Sina and

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The mass crash of the American mission server! Have you got your takeout?

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