The United States has dragged Trump for 22 years to "cash the promise"

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in the middle of a pond, Trump gave ruffled, this time on the promised land". At 2 a.m. on 7

12, news from the United States said that Trump formally issued a statement that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel. According to the previous news, he also began to plan the relocation of the embassy.

however, because there are some new buildings, such as the preparation work, he will first sign the delay order, the embassy relocation will be completed within the term of office.

how important is it in Jerusalem?

what does the United States declare to acknowledge that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel? To answer this question, we should first look at how important Jerusalem is.

Jerusalem in Hebrew means "city of peace", but never The name falls short of the reality.

the history of the region has been habited by Arabs and Jews and clashes. In 1947, the United Nations General Assembly voted to establish two countries in the west part of the Jordan River: a Jewish state (Israel) and a Arabia country (Palestine).

1948 years of the founding of Israel, after the first Middle East War, Jordan's army in Arabia to membership all the Jews out of Jerusalem east of the old city, in 1949 when Jerusalem was a formal ceasefire, with the two sides of the ceasefire line from north to south, East and West is cut into two parts, the eastern most Palestinian habitat by Jordan (then called Jordan) as the main body of the Western Jews occupied, occupied by israel. After the third Middle East war in

1967, Israel occupied the eastern part of Jerusalem and the West Bank of Jordan. In July 1980, it declared the unified Jerusalem as its permanent capital, but it has not been recognized by the international community. In November 1988, the nineteenth special session of the Palestinian National Committee adopted the declaration of independence. It declared that East Jerusalem was the capital of State of Palestine.

how can a city be the capital of two countries? Therefore, the ascription of Jerusalem has always been one of the core issues of the "Israeli Palestinian conflict". On this issue, the attitude of the United States has always been the "two country program", that is, Palestine controls all or parts of Gaza and the West Bank of the Jordan River, and allows Palestine to establish capital in East Jerusalem.

what is Jerusalem like now?

now Jerusalem is still divided into eastern and western region two, and it is controlled by Israel. Half a month ago, I knew that I had just visited Jerusalem for 4 days.

Jerusalem west area is new town, east area is old city, and a main road in the city is the boundary line. Israel's parliament, important government departments, National Museum and Holocaust Memorial Hall are all in the new town in the West.

delta is located in Jerusalem City East Israel Houses of Parliament

although the area of only 1 square kilometers, but by the three major religions as a holy place. Now, it is divided into four regions: ghetto, Muslim, Christian and Armenia. They are located in the southern, Eastern, northwestern and southwestern part of the old city. What

sees in the old city of Jerusalem is the peaceful coexistence of the armed gunmen that can be seen everywhere. The Muslims who worship in the holy mosque, mosque in the mosque, pray for the Jews in Wailing Wall, and Christians carrying the cross along Jesus's suffering Road, they can not disturb each other.

Delta Hijiri golden mosque

Wailing Wall square and have their guns Israeli police guarded tourists into the Wailing Wall needs security, although the station under the Wailing Wall can see the rise of the mosque Jinding, but also need to enter the mosque area waiting for security. Responsible for the security of the police will prompt visitors to Wailing Wall brochure on the bag do not take out. In the holy rock Jinding mosque, not Muslims are not allowed to visit, but they can move around the square in the open time.

why did Trump move the Embassy?

goes back to Trump's statement. Trump was the first to relocate the American Embassy in Israel, although many American presidents had promised to relocate the American Embassy in Israel.

he has been close to Israel, and it has always been obvious. Israeli Prime Minister

Benjamin Netanyahu over several hours in the United States last year after the election, he congratulated Trump, said in a statement as "a true friend of Israel"; in February this year, Netanyahu came to the White House, Trump held a meeting with the president of the United States, Trump chose to take the head of state (the president level) the formal ceremony with the identity of the prime minister Netanyahu; in May this year, Trump visited Israel also went to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, the Jewish holy land, becoming the first in the "access Wailing Wall" during the tenure of president of the United States, he also traditionally wore one of "the most obvious sign of Jewish Agrippa" (Kippah).

"compared with the Democratic Party, Republicans have always been closely related to the Israeli and Jewish populations. "Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of American researcher Liu Weidong analysis said, the Israeli lobby ability groups in the United States is very strong, and many of the Jews in America are very high, the Jewish group in American society is also very influential, especially in the United States policy on the Middle East influence.

and from Trump

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