How can he face the world for 20 years with the name of the rape crime?


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who knows, life turns

20 years later, no longer young Zhou Yuan and finally to a verdict of "not guilty".

Xinjiang Zhou Yuan: the lost 20 year

"this is my life with the old Zhou life. "

clearly wrote the verdict of" no crime "and" big red chapter ". Li Bizhen, 73 years old, stood at the gate of Yili high people's Court of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

this day is November 30, 2017. The weather in Yining, the capital of Yili, where the branch is located is not good, and it has been snowing. Son Zhou Yuan was wearing a new black coat, a few meters away from her, and looked at her all the time, and did not speak.

old Zhou, Li Bizhen's husband, Zhou Yuan's father, Zhou Pei, died in 2006. Suddenly, he was sent to the hospital in the morning and died in the afternoon. The doctor asked Zhou Pei, 69, to say something. Zhou Pei did not speak, only open his eyes, until he died, his eyes still did not fit.

he didn't wait for his son to go back.

was arrested in May 17, 1997 on suspicion of intentional injury and obscene women. He went out of prison in May 21, 2012. Zhou Yuan lost 15 years of freedom and lost his best age from 27 to 42 years old. In addition to the five and a half years of the appeal process, Zhou Yuan was charged with the offense of a rapist and lived for 20 years and 6 months. When

was small, he was called Zhou Yi. The father said, not because of the ancient books, but because of this four word refinement. In high school, and brother's name is pronounced similar, he gave himself a new name - Zhou Yuan to Xinjiang local father, grew up in the Hunan Yongzhou Ningyuan county.

later, his father did not return to his hometown, and Zhou Yuan became the farthest from his life.

"I don't do"

"will they prepare two judgments, one is guilty, and one is innocent? "Before the

was declared, Zhou Yuan asked the lawyer. This is a kind of mind that he feels a little indescribable. He could not say that, in any case, he would read the guilty verdict.

, as early as October 2016, was told that the Supreme Court ordered the retrial of the Xinjiang high court, and the lawyer, Wang Xing, told him that the boot was falling. The retrial decision made it clear that the original evidence was "not true and inadequate". Wang Xing said this was "wearing a hat", and the case had not been suspense.

Zhou Yuan understood and understood the lawyer's words. He was expecting to wait for a sentence, but the distrust of his heart had spread.

over the past twenty years, his case has been repeatedly opened in court, and the Xinjiang High Court has also been a number of times. The six verdict, which he had experienced, was, in his view, "acting as a play". When

was retrial this year, he told the chief adjudication that there was one, and everyone who had seen the case of my case knew that I was innocent. At 11 p. m. on May 17th

1997, the police knocked off the door of the Zhou family and took Zhou Yuan away. At first, neither Zhou Yuan nor his parents knew exactly why he was caught. It was later learned that in the early morning of the same day, a woman was injured in the three middle school in Yining, where a 17 year old girl's body was violated. Zhou Yuan was listed by the police as a suspect. The case of

has been in this border town for many years. From the beginning of 1991, a lot of young girls in Yining suffer lower body was seriously injured, there are many occurred in the Yining third school, local jittery.

Zhou Pei is the Yining three history teacher, the Li Bizhen family lived in the school dormitory. They have heard of these things long ago, but because they feel that the means of crime are too dirty and have not been mentioned to the children. They never thought that the fate of his son would be associated with these cases.

, born in 1970, was 27 years old and was at home for business. Three years ago, he graduated from the Xinjiang textile industry school. After returning to Yining, 00 have done some physical work. Around the living are the parents of colleagues, he is afraid of being asked how at home all day, sometimes, in order to avoid the acquaintance, he would cross the wall and out of school. On the same day of

, Zhou Yuan's behavior was described as "abnormal", and he became a suspect in the public security organs.

Zhou Yuan later recalled that that night, he was taken to the basement of the public security office building. The police told him not to say gossip drag in all sorts of irrelevant matters. Later, slowly touching the case, Zhou Yuan conjectures, it is probably the case of rape.

he did not know the case of the third central Yining, when he heard that it was a shock. "There are so many things that hurt women?" I can't believe it. It's not exactly what I did. I think the murderer must be able to catch it. I'm sure I can go out. "

even thought, he wanted to find his classmates to tell the police that he had never stolen anything, and did not peek at the women's toilet.

but soon, Zhou Yuan's expectations were broken. He recalled that, with the start of the six investigators then drag in all sorts of irrelevant matters, the inquisition by torture to him. They put the wires to his waist and feet, as long as he said "I do", the current will penetrate his body. They say it's a "polygraph". Zhou Yuan, who has never been allowed to sleep, has been rout in a similar way, which has never been allowed to sleep. He told the handlers that I would give you a confession for you. "To be able to live by the public security organs and be able to live

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