The three - dimensional garage is wrong again! This time a man fell


yangziwanbao· 2017-12-07 15:10:21

12 6 noon, in Jiangsu Province People's Hospital, a female driver inadvertently plunged into a three-dimensional parking garage and was seriously injured. It is understood that the garage had been an accident before, in July this year, a car accidentally plunged into the 10 - meter deep parking garage.

, the garage is an automatic intelligent garage. Data photo

, people familiar with the matter told reporters that only one noise was heard at the time, but there was nothing unusual about it. Later, I heard that a woman dropped from the entry of a three-dimensional garage. Soon after the

incident, the fire and medical staff were all rushed to the rescue. More than 2 p.m., the female driver was rescued and then sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. The garage security guard told the reporter that was a malfunction of the garage and that the female driver dropped off. A witness at told the reporter that the woman was more than 40 years old and came to see the patient. At that time a car had just entered the warehouse, the front door of the parking garage was slowly closed, and the woman rushed in. Some people have speculated that is not familiar with the road conditions and may take the entrance of the garage as an elevator entrance to .

it is understood that the woman fell into the parking garage under the legs. After being rescued, her leg was seriously injured. The operation has been accepted that day. may face an amputation risk of .

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last fall a Benz

in July 5th this year, the Jiangsu Provincial People's hospital parking, a car crashed into the parking wells. Reporters interviewed that the accident was a black Mercedes Benz. At that time, the driver turned around and took the car's back seat. The right foot stepped on the accelerator, causing the vehicle out of control, rushing down 4 stories about 10 meters deep parking well. Fortunately, the car's air bag was opened in time, and two people on the train were only slightly injured.

reporter saw in the scene, the three-dimensional garage from the ground entrance to the bottom of the parking well, a total of four layers, about 10 meters deep. It is understood that the underground garage of Jiangsu Province People's Hospital is located in the newly completed building of the emergency and emergency department, which has 1180 parking lots on the 4 floors. It is the largest automatic parking lot in Jiangsu.

source, the Yangtze Evening News reporter Ji Yuxuan

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The three - dimensional garage is wrong again! This time a man fell

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