Google announced that it would not allow YouTuBe to run on two Amazon devices

Google announced not allowed YouTuBe in two Amazon equipment on running Sina technology

hulianwang· 2017-12-07 19:18:12

sina science and technology news in Beijing on December 6th morning, Google Corporation said on Tuesday that it no longer allowed video streaming application YouTube to run on the two Amazon devices, and criticized online retailers not to sell Google hardware. Similar public declaration of war is rare in the science and technology industry.

is the latest outbreak of the Silicon Valley in two major user slobber war rival fire attack. Amazon and Google are popular in many fields, its business covers not only cover and contain everything, cloud computing and online search, and Google Home and Amazon Echo voice equipment sales.

has high stakes: many people in the technology industry expect that the mode of interaction via voice and computer will be more and more extensive. It is not clear who will dominate the field in Amazon, Google and other companies. Earlier this year, research company eMarketer statistics showed that so far, Amazon's voice control devices are selling more than Google products.

Google said in a statement, &ldquo, Amazon doesn't sell Google products such as Chromecast and Google Home, but does not provide prime video for Google Cast users. Last month, it stopped selling the latest products of Nest, our sister company. ”

“ because of the lack of reciprocal measures, we no longer support playing YouTube content in Echo Show and Fire TV, ” Google said. “ we hope to reach an agreement as soon as possible. ”

Amazon said in a statement, “ Google is selectively blocking users from accessing the open website, creating a disappointing precedent. &rdquo,

. The company expresses its desire to solve this problem with Google as soon as possible, but at the same time, users can access YouTube through the Internet instead of App applications.

this break has a long history. In 2015, Amazon cut off the TV player Chromecast of Google, closed its retail website, and the TV player of apple also suffered the same bad luck. Amazon explained that it was intended to avoid users, and that the latter might want to watch prime video services on Amazon's devices. Earlier this year,

restored the relationship between Amazon and apple, announcing that users could use Apple TV to watch prime video. But this does not apply to Google products.

in September of this year, Google deleted YouTube from Amazon Echo Show. The latter can display videos on the touchscreen, but does not provide video recommendation, channel subscription and other functions. Amazon later reintroduced YouTube to the device, but the added voice command violated the terms of use, and this Tuesday Google removed the service again.

Google said Fire TV will lose access to YouTube applications in January 1st next year. Amazon is selling this device earlier than Echo Show, which means that more users are likely to be affected now. (Si Mei)

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