Wuzhen gangster "meal" did not ask Ma Yun, is behind the game?

Ma Yun Ding Lei Liu Qiangdong Ma Huateng

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Zhejiang Wuzhen is opening the fourth session of the World Conference of the Internet, this is Chinese government led Congress, not only brought the Wuzhen heat, and the world of the Internet Center, successfully grafted to China.

Wuzhen gangster "dinner"

World Conference on the Internet say what ordinary people are not too concerned about, we generally are more concerned about the small meeting? The so-called little is actually a dinner, attend the meeting of the IT, the Internet these people tend to stick together, save a dinner. The most famous is the Ding Lei dinner dinner dinner this year, Ding Lei has a new spoiler, because Ma Huateng and Liu Qiang East they saved a dinner, so the two dinner is heavy.

we look at the video to see the two dinner that night almost at the same time, Liu Qiang east so with Ma Huateng Ding Lei they attended the dinner, sit down is ten minutes to go, to be a king. Because they have saved a game, so they followed Yang Yuanqing, so this bureau mainly depends on what people are participating in. Actually, what is not important to eat is not important, but it is important to come or not, because it means giving face to face, which means people in the circle.

Wuzhen gangster "dinner"? Of course, the middle

topic, I think certainly will not be personal gossip, a prospect of mainly industry, we still want to communicate and discuss these cutting-edge technology view. So there are some personal complaints that may not matter. Zhou Hongyi and Tencent have been fighting 3Q before. Now they are also eating at a table. Many of the people on the table are the competitors in the market, but the future of the industry may be more important than their gossip analysis.

believe that we also pay attention to, regardless of what kind of meeting is Like attracts like. this dinner, so there is Birds of a feather flock together., coincidence, there are also differences. Some people did not participate in such meetings. For example, Terry Gou, chairman of Hon Hai group, also took part in this meeting. He seemed not to be in the circle, but he also had business dealings with them, and some other VC makers might not be there. Of course, like Shen Napeng of Sequoia Capital, he invested several companies, so he would go to the dinner, but also a business investment and invested on exchanges, or a kind of social emotion. Why did Ma Yun, the owner of the

River, have not participated in it? Of course, we are most concerned about the

, a person is not to participate in this dinner, that is Ma Yun Ma Yun, why not? I didn't ask him, so I don't know why he didn't take part, but Ma Yun's price, as everyone knows, is the highest among the big men.

love calculation buddy love, add up the dinner on the personal home, or watching as a permutation, see who is worth the lowest, in order to draw a line, what do you mean? Is to see how many people attended the dinner worth. In fact, this with a net worth of many never mind we notice to attend the dinner, because the buddy, different industries have their enterprise size differences are particularly large, there is a positive side to it, not a rigid target.

, of course, depends on the status of your river and lake. The company you are in is now a hot spot of attention, which may be more interested. That is what we have just said, and everyone is sitting together, and we must be most concerned about the future of the industry, and it is a development of the Internet. The company so everyone's attention, including the v-mobile company, we may talk a little more, as for the v-mobile CEO is worth much, how much is the chairman worth it second. Of course,

Ma does not participate in the dinner, and he is the landlord must also have a certain relationship, after all, is the enterprise of Zhejiang, if he wants to participate in the dinner, it should be his host, and that it is not the truth, because he is the landlord.

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