What about the quarrel with Shiou? Alyssa Chia's generous share

Alyssa Chia Shiou sunshine

beiqingwangyule· 2017-12-08 06:54:58

Alyssa Chia a

according to Taiwan media reports, Alyssa Chia and Shiou married, does not have does not, Bo button, a family of five with Phoenix sister, happy family enviable. She recently launched a new book, the whole journey to stand in the sun, recently in an interview, also generous to share a set of Yu Fu technique, communication with the first praise after the way to avoid conflict, and whenever a fight with her husband, her husband will be how to deal with and resolve method of dispute, "I am willing to the relations between the sexes to self adjustment. "

Alyssa Chia, in addition to exposing a series of childhood photos in the new book, tells more about her life with her 3 daughters, and how she gets along with her husband Shiou. According to Taiwan media reports, she recently in an interview, said he does not love loudly quarrel with others, rather stuffy in the heart, also want to hold a graceful attitude, speaking will also take the "first praise after communication", will not start criticism, avoid emotional conflict. However, she sometimes sulking, but also let Shiou more angry to communicate. And when

between husband and wife quarrel, quarrel broke out, Alyssa Chia and Shiou will choose to calm, after about 10 minutes later, she will take the initiative to help each other to find the steps to resolve the conflict between the two, homeopathy. In addition, 2 people will persist in the same line for children's way of education. In addition to avoiding children's doubts about what is right or wrong, this way can also reduce disputes between husband and wife.

Shiou, attended the event, was also asked to quarrel with Alyssa Chia, will be how to deal with? He revealed that 2 people really rarely quarrel, and if there is a real dispute, it will be solved immediately. In addition, he also does not mention does not very sensitive, as long as they are somewhat loudly, she will be afraid, always say "Mom and dad you loudly? "Because of this, the couple have been reminding themselves not to show their emotions.

fact, Alyssa Chia when interviewed in 2016 had said that everyone has their own background, so that the attitude is not the same, as long as they ask each other to calm down, but not so abusive, especially avoid quarrel in front of the kids. At that time, when asked about the pattern of getting along with Shiou, she laughed and said that only about 90% of the conflicts occurred, the men would compromise first. Then they would not forget to shout to the whole world, "listen to their wives," so that we can maintain peace at home.

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