He Jiesheng had a bad bleeding, and this mother was not easy.

He Jie Superman Z

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three years ago, He Jie had a hot search on her second child, when everyone questioned whether she could be a good mother of two children. Recently, He Jie launched a documentary, "born for love", to record her experience in the period of her second pregnancy.

scolds her, probably not, when she was on the test of the test of life and death, and it was really difficult.

2015 year, He Jiegang becomes a mother for a year, her son Qibao is basically her care. The brokers are all admiring He Jie, working in the daytime, taking the children home in the evening and taking two or three hours a day.

He Jie said that before she had no children, she had only work in her life and had a full and full day.

after having children, He Jie is in a dilemma. Taking into account life may delay work. Pay attention to the work and take care of the children's life. He Jie has always wanted to balance the two things. The last thing to think about is to work with the children.

Ho Chi really is walking around the seven treasures, with the tape recording, wearing the makeup, like a full-time mother.

" started at five or six in the morning, when the work is ten points, eleven points, missed the sleep time of children. He Jie was exhausted, and the child had no sense of security. One night He Jie micro letter to the broker, said my heart is very uncomfortable, then call screaming, that has not recognize her seven.

at that time, He Jie was still preparing for the concert, while busy work and meticulous care for the children. At this time He Jie was not divorced, but it was like a single mother.

He Jie once Tucao husband with a baby on the show: take the children playing computer, is on the side of the chair

He Jie described the life of a word, support. To carry on the back of the past, can not hold on on his own. "I'm not a superman, but I'm trying to do it. "

"at this time, she suddenly found herself pregnant again. This is not a good news. When she was pregnant with seven treasures, she was preparing to send a new album. To half the record, the company suddenly stopped. The company would rather give up and don't have He Jie send this new record during her pregnancy.

got pregnant second times and disrupted her plan for the concert. Brokers are very anxious, subsequent endorsement with the concert tour on a good ah. The brokers talked to He Jie once, and asked He Jie, are you sure you want this child?

answers He Jie's answer very affirmative.

, He Jie said, "this is a life. He is coming. Shall I kill him?" And he is looking for me, if I want to personally push him to go outside, is not too cruel to … … "

"He Jie asked the agent a word, let her speechless," if I want to put the child destroyed, why the child's fate with the fate of Qibao is not the same? "

" in everyone's objection, He Jie still insists on giving birth to this child. However, the doctor told him that the time was too tight for the two tyres, and it was easy to bleed at the later stage, or to suggest that she hit it off.

, He Jie is not reconciled, and ran to consult many doctors, how high is the chance of making a massive hemorrhage. When the doctor told her that it was five percent, He Jie was relieved.

He Jie's mother opposed her to take the risk, but He Jie is not at all afraid. She was too busy to record a new record while she was pregnant, and she had to take the baby, really a superwoman!

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