What's the case? Berlin Chan Lin allows sweet interaction

Berlin Chan Lin Yun Z

wangyiyule· 2017-12-08 06:57:20

entertainment NetEase reported on December 7th December 7th, Berlin Chan, Lin Yun "if the prince fell asleep with the film" dump the NetEase, NetEase's Mint live with friends, intimate interaction, exchange the missed confession with a lot of young people, and as we speak hidden in the hearts of love, let love on a return journey "". In the live broadcast of

, Berlin Chan and Lin Yun are very intimate in the interactive links. Four eyes, whispers and whispers, full of happiness, perfect interpretation of what is sweet, do not know how the vast majority of single dogs feel after seeing it? But they are actually giving us a real "confession Tour" at the scene, because love is sweet companions, telling the truth hidden in the bottom of their hearts, which is a profound lesson for you. This love show is a little blemish, do they really "love"?

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