13 year old girl has been violated by the old man many times: it is her initiative

Father Chengdu film rehabilitation

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chat, aunt Wan (lawyer) and the Tang Dynasty became friends, they hook, blame grandpa thing, in addition to mom and Dad, police uncle aunt, uncle aunt and prosecutors psychology teacher who can speak to the aunt, who said, who is the dog out".

"Su Yuan" movie stills, the film tells the story of a teenage girl in suffered sexual abuse after how to get out of the shadow of the soul and the family how to face life story. Pictures from the network

Tang music a little love to laugh, mouth from time to time up, smile overflows from the eyes.

she is like most 13 year old girls, have their own beauty, love the star, talk to TFBOYS's eyes bloomed with light, see boutique small accessories, will not move a step, try and try. The "thing" in the large population doesn't seem to have left too much shadow in her heart.

8 months ago, in April 4th, she left home after a dispute with her father, and a strange man had been sexually assaulted within 48 hours. She suffered from mild mental disorder, unable to understand what the "spectacled grandpa" did to her bed. Her parents were desperate vendors to come to Chengdu to live.

luckily, they met some warm people.

lawyer Miaoyan million, willing to accept cases for free, and always pay attention to the protection of children from Chengdu city Chenghua District two damage; the court's ruling Panpei psychological rehabilitation costs, this is the case in the hitherto unknown in public; police and forensic, have given their power to help.

Tang Le is now back to school, and life is quiet and happy. The lawyer said, "from this girl's sexual assault case, not only can we see the progress of the legal system, but also the warmth of human nature."

disappeared 48 hours

based on the Tang Le family and the content of the verdict, the reporter roughly restored the scene 8 months ago. On the 4 day of

4, it was already dark. Tang Yuanming, who was outside the stall, temporarily went home to pick up things. He found his daughter playing with his cell phone. He didn't have dinner. Tang Yuanming was angry with her daughter, and the cell phone fell to the ground. After

's father left, the adolescent girl became more and more angry. She put on her best coat and dragged a white faced pink boot. She ran away from the back door of the community and left the brown teddy bear on the way.

brought up the scene afterwards, and Tang's parents were very guilty. Tang Yue said the mother, "Lele is a poor child, from disaster". At 5 months old, left duplicated kidney (3 kidneys) and ureteral malformation were diagnosed. Two and a half years old were infected with epidemic encephalitis B and failed to be treated in time, leaving sequela of epilepsy, leading to mental retardation and intelligence quotient 66 points.

because of sick daughter, parents heart guilt, very good, for she always encourages, seldom criticized.

was away from home for the first time to Tang Le, and she did not know where to go and wandered aimlessly on the streets of Chengdu. Her father and mother, was at home near the roadside stall, they usually have to do until three in the morning to go.

around eleven p.m., a grandfather wearing black glasses "riding the electric car after the Tang Dynasty, initiate a conversation, that Tang Yue ran away from home, he issued an invitation," if you go to my house take a night".

, a girl with some mild mental retardation, didn't think much about it and agreed. In the night of

, the 63 year old man, with "only one bed in the house", was with Tang Leshui and made two sexual assault to her.

all night, Tang Ledu was afraid not to fall asleep. According to the police transcripts, she did not know exactly what these behaviors mean. "I don't want to, but I'm afraid. I'm afraid he beat me, so I agree with what he told me to do." On the morning of 5

4, the man took Tang le to a commercial square and left it after his own play. In the evening, she went back to her residence and had two sexual assault on Tang le. On the morning of the 6 day, the man again took Tang le to the commercial square and was ready to take her back to her residence at night. At 18 at

4 6, Tang was finally found by his anxious family. Before

's sleep, her mother was worried about her daughter. She had a special check on the pants of Tang le. She felt something wrong.

daughter from her bed to the bed, holding her hand and said, "Tang music, what must tell mom, or affect your life, don Lecai slowly opening, said he met a old man riding a cable car, they sleep together," grandpa do some strange what happened to me".

, according to the description of Tang Le, the grandfather also told her, "I will go to your father's booth to take care of your family's business later. If we meet outside, you will pretend you don't know me."

film "Su Yuan". The film is adapted from the true case of South Korea.

the same day, Mr. and Mrs. Tang Yuanming took Tang le to the police.

just came out of the back door, Tang Yue identified a person on the road, "that is the grandfather of the battery car." The

is indeed suspect history, he is a native of Chengdu, worked as a math teacher, hand written look the ornamental and the combined plain properties, fine print characters, have been divorced for many years. Be stopped by Tang Yuanming

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