A massive "gas shortage" is sweeping China at Central China

Hebei Shandong Baoding Shanxi

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(original title: emergency in North China, emergency in Central China, a large-scale "gas shortage" is sweeping over China)

recently published news in China Youth Daily: many rural primary schools in Baoding moved to the yard of zero centigrade for homework. It was not in the yard that it was not cold, but there was no air heating in the house. The pupils had to go to the yard to sun and write their homework, and it was cold to get warm by running.

, according to "China Youth Daily", a little girl holding a frostbite hand asked her grandfather: "why do not mosquitoes in winter, but the hands are so itchy? "

, this is not a trivial matter. Even the people's daily also voicing:

even if the pipe in the yard is broken, the problem of natural gas heating cannot be fundamentally solved.

, because of a large "gas shortage" that is not expected, is being put on in China.


11 on 28 0:00, Hebei first sounded the province's natural gas supply orange warning, natural gas supply is in a serious state of tension, all over the place began to stop gas and stop gas.

Hebei University affiliated hospital was in a critical situation in December 1st. The volume of gas supply even less than 1/7 of the basic demand. The internal files of a hospital's "request support" to the higher authorities quickly spread in the network.

, the consequences of low indoor temperature are very serious. For the elderly, cardiovascular patients and other specific populations, warming up increases the risk of premature death. The lack of gas in the hospital is a threat to thousands of people. Baoding new Olympic gas and the hospital to negotiate with the hospital, pledged to guarantee hospital gas supply.

but there's not so much "lucky" in other areas.

Hebei, Baoding, Shijiazhuang, Tangshan, Langfang and Hengshui, the five most polluted cities in winter, were selected in the 17 year winter clean heating pilot cities in June this year. One of them is to use natural gas heating instead of scattered coal heating in rural areas. The clean air seemed to be very close, and it sounds beautiful, and the vigorous withdrawal of coal and gas was mobilized.

's embarrassment, the winter came the snow under the temperature drop, small coal stove in the rural areas are removed, but because of the natural gas source tension, ventilation infrastructure quality problems in the future, a lot of rural elderly in the coal gas project riddled the house.

" at minus 5 degrees Celsius days, Beijing Tongzhou District weir village villagers before wearing a thick cotton padded jacket from hiding at home.

the original village cadres to ensure people, never let a cold. Now, the whole village.

village to all families of electric heating heating, but one of the people have a few old houses, an electric heating.

(source: Beijing News)

gas free heating is not only happening in Hebei.

"Zhengzhou Evening News" said that in the Zhongmu region of Zhengzhou, Henan, many residents were awake at midnight and woke up. When the cold wave came, dozens of residential areas showed insufficient heating and intermittent warming. The response of the local Thermotics Inc was that this winter is to use natural gas as energy source and no coal heating, but there are nearly one million cubic meters of natural gas gap every day.

this winter, Shanxi Linfen set up 155 square kilometers of "no coal zone", the potential to bid farewell to the "Millennium coal-fired heating" in history, according to the Shanxi news network, a man Hao Moumou because pull tricycle sell bulk coal, administrative detention. The upsurge of coal to gas is so fierce that there is a lot of cold at home now, and the district that should be connected to central heating a decade ago is still unavailable.

north area in the coal gas project has been in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, nearly 20 provinces, "2+26 city" comprehensive ban on coal for heating in winter this year, the north and the fresh air, Beijing since the beginning of winter, the concentration of PM2.5 has no more than 250. On the other side of the coin, China may have met the biggest freezing phenomenon since twenty-first Century.

the cold winter, heating demand of the largest solar term in January 20th next year - it has not come, walk to the middle, also experienced the winter solstice and the day but only getting cold.

today (December 7th) morning, the Ministry has issued a flash file, requirements to protect the people warm winter, special circumstances may allow coal-fired heating. The situation of


has become more and more serious. All sides are showing extreme tension of natural gas supply.

according to Yimeng evening news, taxi drivers in Linyi, Shandong have been "robbing Qi" for the last month.

's buddies don't dare to run for a long distance, worrying about running away from the gas station. Many of the gas stations that used to supply gas for the past 24 hours have already been "no gas plus". They shut down early, but those with gas filling stations only have time for gas supply.

some taxi off the air only to drink oil, but more expensive than petrol filling every 40-50 dollars; earn oil money, can only take three or four hours to queue filling, and the gas price rising, has been at the beginning of December

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