The Jedi "survival" new line today, 1 edition scheduled December 20th


youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-12-08 12:09:45


Blue Hole published a new map of the "Jedi survival" map, and the desert map "Miramar" will be online in the test suit this afternoon.

is different from "Miramar" in the terrain of mountains and forests. "Miramar" will contain scenes such as industrial areas and cities. Desert landforms also seem to make the field of vision more open. Developers want to shape a completely different experience and highlight a more harsh and ruthless atmosphere.

" worth mentioning is the "Jedi survival" will be landing in December 12th Xbox platform, and the new map to wait until early 2018 to mount. In addition, the blue hole has now confirmed that the 1 version of the PC terminal was online in December 20th.

" it is understood that the Jedi "survival" until now has sold 24 million copies, and in order to attract more host game player, the blue hole is Xbox One platform to prepare the three limited edition sets, including T-shirts, tennis shoes, pants Barack and Rafael cap and other equipment.

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