It's good to sell! SONY announced global sales of PS4 and PSVR

SONY VR virtual reality

weifengwang· 2017-12-08 12:10:53


seems not only to sell, but also to build a SONY...

... In the game's outstanding contribution is not limited to game development and support, make its efforts in terms of hardware also deserves praise. As a subsidiary of SONY products, PS4 host and PSVR also showed their strength to dominate in their respective fields, so their sales how? We got a new answer this morning.

SIE this morning officially announced by the end of December 3, 2017, SONY's PS4 console so at present not only in global sales exceeded 70 million 600 thousand, and the PS4 software sales success exceeded 617 million, can be said to achieve a double victory of software and hardware, this generation most host is well deserved, of course a lot of people when it comes to this issue will feel Microsoft game console input strategy on food and "Scorpio" debut is too slow to give SONY the opportunity. But I believe that this can only be a small factor. SONY's PS4 can win in this generation, and its quality is also unassailable.

is worth mentioning that PS4 has sold more than 5 million 500 thousand in Japan this week, reaching a new milestone.

in addition to PS4, SONY in the virtual reality works of PSVR in many similar equipment, but also the performance of the most outstanding one, the scope of the current global sales have reached 2 million, and the special software and supporting more than 150 of total sales, breaking the 12 million 200 thousand.

" in addition, SIE also said that next year PS4 will also bring more exciting game for the game player who, at the same time PS VR during 2018 is expected to launch more than 130 works, SONY will continue to bring rich and colorful entertainment and experience for everyone. And will continue to promote and support PS4 and PS VR.

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It's good to sell! SONY announced global sales of PS4 and PSVR

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