I had an interview with my former leader, and he didn't even work with my subordinates

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recent interview actually, to the graduation of the leadership.

he recognized me, laughing and teasing now ask me how in this company "mixed" ? Remember when he was not thin?

for the question, his answer is incoherent.

to know him before several small companies have lived a life of ease and stable salaries comfortable life, until the company was acquired by a large company, he started out looking for work, I put this on the side of your resume out, talk to him a few words, let him go.


" in his previous company, is our director, Meiqimingyue charge, is just a empty position, supervise 3 of us, he is doing the "overall management" work, work on time every day, work time. Micro-blog mobile phone, brush, occasionally walk around, we work together to supervise. In our department is known as "laolai".

but he is not what it really depends, when the department budget, when the Department of a reward, he will always be the first time at the front, as a leader, that no ground for blame. But later, he created a "pocket sector bonus" such a scandal, I do not hesitate to leave, such a leader, not worth following.

until now, I don't know how he continued to work in his company. Of course, he came out for a job repeatedly. He also proved that you could mix up, but sooner or later it would cost a lot.

as a company's training slogan is generally: eat bitter, bitter half life; eat hard, bitter life. In the workplace, once the battle is abandoned, it is a compromise with the real life. Your future is directly shown to you before or after. All the possibilities are dissipated with your abandonment.


recently there are many online articles about "young professionals", finally, nothing more than two points:

1, not in their own most of the efforts of the age, choose the comfort;

2, who will not wait for you, if you chose not to run, do not blame others for running too fast.

I'm in after the interview also found several articles like this, the former leadership was forwarded to me, and told him that I respect him very much, but I hope he can really face their own, if you don't pick up time before comfortable throw things, his occupation career may be the only way.

this is not alarmist. Before

broke "HUAWEI aggressively repaying employees 35 years" news had said in the general staff raise a Babel of criticism of HUAWEI, at the age of 35 will be dismissed". In fact,

is dismissed or not being signed, not age and the high cost of employee stock, but the entry of more than ten years, in the post they have not received promotion, ordinary people generally rank appraisal.

many people wonder, I worked hard for so many years in the company, no credit has elbow grease, what I fired?

feel shy, the workplace is a look at the place, do not look at the process, entrepreneurs are not philanthropists, now enterprises pay attention to "wolf", has a strict KPI, with revenue incentive, stimulus contrast between heavy reward, staff and employees, between enterprises and enterprises have.

when enterprises want to sprint, you are in the "wolves" as a "live", not motivated, drag the small white rabbit, what qualifications do you have to complain about being eliminated?

in the era of rapid development, learning is slow to be eliminated. and your complacent workplace comfort zone are likely to become your career graveyards in the next second.


after 90 became your leader, after 95, earn more than you, do you feel very aggrieved?

, I understand that a lot of "old people in the workplace" complain: it's a bit awkward to leave a person who is younger than himself to be their leader.

but this is the workplace! The workplace is a virtuous people make the best use of the place, people have the ability to be treated naturally.

job experience in service and the degree of heart, a lot of time as you can see, he is not your seniority, but in the effort and talent he is more than you sow, the boss can not see the age, age small, so after that generation is more than 20 years old when the captains of the army at school, Bill Gates also has a small business. The US President basically is not old. This can not be the standard of the selection of the job field, the job field looks at the ability, and does not see the experience.

, I also suggested that my former leader should adjust his status, if he went to the interview to meet his boss, don't take the attitude of "despise" to work.

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