The 17 year old female student gave birth to the baby boy and ran 800 meters before the birth.

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recently, a 17 year old girl in a school in Shenyang had a lumbago during school. She was found an abnormality by the cleaning staff and rushed to the hospital &hellip. Shortly after her admission, the girl gave birth to a boy who had more than 7 Jin.

" reporter from the school informed person understands, December 5th at noon, 17 year old schoolgirl Yangyang (a pseudonym) felt pain, cleaning aunt found a strange school.

was sent to the hospital. In the afternoon, Yangyang gave birth to a baby boy with more than 7 pounds. Fortunately, mother and son are safe. The emergency was stunned by the nurses in the hospital and the school teachers.

has an insider, who is always overweight and always wears sportswear style school uniforms, so that no one can see her signs of pregnancy. After the

incident, Yangyang had a vague answer to whether he knew what she was pregnant.

"delta network she is usually very good, is a good student that the teacher's eyes. "The lover says."

revealed that Yang Yang was sick for some time in school and had a stomachache. A doctor was aware of the difference and asked some of the questions. He replied that he had no boyfriend and had normal menstruation.

so the doctor opened some stomach medicine for the ocean. According to

, Yangyang lived in school dormitories during school, and the school had activities a few days ago. She also ran 800 meters and made a long jump.


network insiders, after the birth of the child in the hospital and the ocean. She knew he made mistakes, for the causes of pregnancy, people afraid to give her too much pressure is applied, no more.

- the doctor remind

protects the birth risk of immeasurable

doctors, the reproductive system of 17 year old girl is not perfect, the age of pregnancy, maternal physical and mental burden are very heavy.

normal women from pregnancy to production are carried out under strict examination. From the perspective of pregnant women during pregnancy, causes many complications, such as placental abruption and placenta previa, if these abnormalities, protects the high risk of production. In the process of production without strict guardianship, if amniotic fluid embolism, rupture of the uterus, and so on, the consequences are quite serious. A

woman gives birth to a child's life and death. Even if the pregnancy tests are strictly carried out and produced under the strict guardianship of the doctor, the absolute safety can not be guaranteed.

for the fetus, if the pregnancy does not pay attention to drugs or radiation and other problems, there is no way to understand whether the fetus will cause deformity due to external factors. If there is no complete preparation in the process of production, the fetus may appear in the intrauterine hypoxia to cause brain damage. If it is produced outside the hospital, the tetanus vaccine should be vaccinated for the fetus in time.


on campus birth events whose fault

in recent years, the underage student birth news is not uncommon. Is this the failure of the school, the failure of the society, or the negligence of the parents? Zhang Sining, a researcher at the Research Institute of the Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences, said that the birth of young girls on campus was lost in many aspects of family, school and society.

parents should be a friend of their children. Even if they have no time to accompany them, they should be the first to be the object of help or talk when the child is in trouble.

many schools do not speak puberty. How life multiplies, how to contraception, how boys and girls protect themselves, these are all necessary education, and many schools are avoiding it. It is not equal to avoid or stop the ability to stop, so it is better to do education and guidance.

we should comply with the development trend, attach importance to the growth of young people, and do a good job of relevant protection measures. There are many non-governmental organizations in the society, but there are not many help to help the juveniles. We should appeal to the society to help more juveniles, no matter in terms of body and mind, it plays a correct guiding role.

(editor Fan Wenjing)

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