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The Game Awards once a year (hereinafter referred to as TGA) has a "gaming Oscar", is one of the game player who are most concerned about the game event. The award ceremony was the predecessor of the VGAs, known as the game fans, all known as Spike Video Game Awards, hosted by Spike TV. VGAs held ten sessions between 2003 and 2013 (the last VGAs was renamed VGX). On 15

11, TGA announced the award nomination, and the list of nominations was basically what people had expected, and there were not much disputed places. The award ceremony was officially held at the evening of December 7th local time in the United States (9 a.m., December 8th, Beijing time). Well, let's take a look at the list of winners, "the legend of Zelda: hot breath" and "wild adventures" cup head, won three awards. In addition, the black horse, "the edge of hell", also took three awards. The popular game "survival" and "Jedi king of glory" is lost. The big winner "little green"

" because the protagonist Lin is always wearing a green hat, so "the legend of Zelda series has been nicknamed" little green. "The legend of Zelda: Wild interest" is a historical stage of the Muse, redefined the open world. It is the biggest winner of TGA, in addition to get the best game of the year the most important award, also won the best action adventure game, best game guide (this award the translation of some ambiguity, should be "the best development" and "best director".) Two awards.

than last year winner of "watch pioneer", "the legend of Zelda" from various angles can be said that there is no dispute. Also nominated for best game "Battle Royale" Jedi survival: the producer said: we don't choose, to choose the "Zelda", that is the true god.

" producer Aonuma Eiji Fujibayashi Hide and producer Fujibayashi Hide

to receive the award of the year award, in addition to routine thanks, saying very heart words: I can engage in game production, have been very happy.

, "my style is above you".

, the great adventure of tea cup is the biggest winner of the independent game. It has won three awards: the best independent game, the best independent game debut, and the best art direction.

"cup head" originated in the last century in 30s the United States animation style, in addition to new style, "the cup head" is the most valuable of integrity and the pursuit of detail, it can let the game player completely immersed into the ancient world no, "film" place. Considering that this is just the Studio MDHR studio debut, best independent game is well deserved. The biggest black horse in

: the blade of Hell: the sacrifice of Sena. The blade of hell is the biggest black horse in TGA. Three awards were also awarded. They are: the most impacting game, the best game performance: Melina Juergens, the best game sound effect. The

is the biggest black horse. The blade of hell is a slightly frightening game. It's full of whispering sound. It's very frightening. The famous game media IGN also commented that the combination of atmosphere creation, narration, mechanism and story shows the level of master.

is interesting, playing the role of Senua, the winner of the Senua is also the art direction of this game. The prize she cried, before she had no acting experience, this is her first acting job. The last glory of

's "outage" game is

. Last year, "watching pioneer" got the best game of the year. It caused great uproar in the game circle. Many people think that the title of the best game to a net game is a stain on other 3A works. Of course, the quality of the watch vanguard is still good, and we can't look into the heart of the judges. But the best game of "air" is not very good at home this year. Heat continued to decline, has been catching up later "Jedi survival" in the field of FPS gaming operations; also not too well, many domestic club announced the dissolution, to switch to other projects.

, but in North America and Europe, "watch pioneer" still has strong vitality. With the attention of the reddit forum and the viewing time of the live platform Twitch, the watch vanguard has been stable in the place of the name of the 2~3. So TGA is still to last year's Champions face, "watch the pioneer" got the best game and best gaming game operation two awards. Some of the

award best narrative (Best Narrative): "Eddie Finch's memory"

best soundtrack music (Best / Score / Music): "Neal:" the best mobile game machines are

(Best Mobile Game): "

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