The US-ROK military exercise throws this trump card Korea tough response

Military fighter bomber fifth generation

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Yonhap quoted Han Jun said, take off from Anderson Air Force Base in Guam 2 military aircraft B-1B "Lancer" long-range strategic bombers on the afternoon of 7, from the south of Jeju Island to the west of the Korean Peninsula over the sea, to participate in the Korea US joint air exercises, returning in formation flying drill frame with more than 20 Korean American fighter simulation after the air strikes.

this is the "vigilant trump card" joint air exercise on the Korean peninsula from 4 to 8 on the 4 to 8 day, in which the US army launched the B-1B bomber for two days in a row. Yonhap said the move was "extremely rare and considered to increase the military pressure on the DPRK".

big kill assembly: fifth generation fighter for the first time at the gates of the Asia Pacific

this exercise in South Korea air force, a total of more than 230 aircraft to participate in military exercises. The military dispatched B-1 B supersonic strategic bomber, F-22 Raptor fighter F-35 fighter and "lightning" in, this is the fifth generation fighter in the Asia Pacific region for the first time into the large-scale joint military drill.

, the US military stealth fighter was only 24, including 6 F-22 "Raptors" and more than 10 F-35 "lightning" fighters.

6, the South Korean joint chiefs of staff said that the deployment of Anderson Air Force Base in Guam a B-1B over the peninsula, with 2 participating U.S. carrier F-22, 2 F-35A and 2 F-35B aircraft and 2 F-16 aircraft and 2 F-15K aircraft, Han Jun the 2 KF-16 aircraft were bombing exercises. This is B-1B and F-22, taking part in the bombing exercises over the peninsula.

B1B "dead Swans", and B52, and known as the B-2 bombers of the three strategies, has "carpet bombing ability, strong destructive force, the maximum load in the first three aircraft. B 1B can carry and throw lots of bombs for a single time. The highest speed is 2.5 Maher, faster than B - 52 and B - 2. After two hours' take-off from Guam base, we can reach the peninsula and join in the operation. We can throw away the fighter planes and throw bombs at high speed.

us for two consecutive days to the Korean Peninsula dispatched B-1B bombers are extremely rare, is considered to increase the space-time evolution of North Korea's military pressure, but the 7 day F-22, F-35 stealth fighter with no fly escort. The

B-1B cabin can carry 34 tons of ammunition and 27 tons of external ammunition. It can throw the enemy's warplanes to the enemy's carpet bombing at 1.2 Maher speed, and it can arrive at Korea 2 hours after taking off from Guam. The load and maximum speed are greater than two other strategic bombers, B-52 and B-2, but do not carry nuclear bombs. The key point of

exercise is to strike the key nuclear facilities accurately. The

US Korea military exercise will aggravate the tense confrontation on the Korean Peninsula and bring hidden danger for regional peace and security.

Korean media said that the joint air show includes the defense of enemy aircraft penetration in the air, cutting off the special forces of the enemy, such as osmosis penetration, and other projects, aiming to enhance the capability of the Korea US air force to cope with emergencies, the scale and intensity are the largest in history. The exercises are focused on key nuclear facilities such as the precise attack on the North Korean missile launcher, and the destruction of the of the long range gun array of the DPRK.

analysis shows that the exaggeration of the importance of the exercise is a consistent practice of Korean media, which is intended to give full play to the political role of the exercise and put pressure on the DPRK. In fact, the level and magnitude of the exercise is not unprecedented.

senior military commentator Zhang Hao pointed out, first of all, the exercise is not that a variety of combat maneuvers, but a basic flight and security, based on the operation of the drill, will be referred to as "military training" is more appropriate.

in the United States, to mobilize troops for combat or exercises is the theater headquarters, and the military has only responsible for the military construction function, the exercise of the authority issuing the U.S. air force, rather than the Pacific Command, it is not strictly a "military action", the military operation standardization training closer to internal the.

secondly, although the US and South Korea invested tens of thousands of troops and more than 230 planes, most of the planes stayed on the ground for operational drill most of the time, instead of throwing bombs in the sky and bombing the "imaginary enemy". I

you exercise test

for "alert escalation for ace" US South Korea military exercises, North Korea's Foreign Ministry issued a statement condemning the 2, such as the Korean Peninsula and the whole world in a nuclear war due to the United States, by the United States will bear responsibility for the consequences of all.

, a spokesman for the Korean foreign ministry continued to speak on the 6 day, indicating that North Korea did not want war, but it did not avoid war. If the United States misjudges North Korea's restraint and eventually ignites the nuclear war, the DPRK will have a strong nuclear power to make the United States pay the price.

analysis shows that the current situation in the Korean Peninsula perplexing, South Korea in North Korea launched a "sensitive period after 15 Mars" ballistic missile, tit for tat air military exercises, will aggravate the peninsula rivalry, is not a wise choice.

all parties must act calmly at present to avoid spiral escalation of the crisis, and should do more for regional peace and stability rather than fuel oil.

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