The first person in the country fell down and was prepared to send gifts to his girlfriend's house

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in the scenic area, steep city landmark building and the site, can always see a figure of young people, he is not wearing any protective measures, relying on physical strength in construction and high edge test. He will synchronize these breathtaking pictures, and then publish it on the APP platform of the short video, and in a few short months, a lot of fans have been harvested. In his personal introduction, he called himself "there is no protection in the country, the ultimate challenge is the first person."

11" on Sept. 8, called the "ultimate - Yong Ning" micro-blog account released a video last after no update. In the past month, there was a stream of rumors about his hand or lost. In December 8th, the reporter of the Xiaoxiang Morning newspaper contacted the family of Channing to confirm the news that he had been accidentally killed.

"Yong Ning limit" is the name of Wu Yong Ning, according to statistics is Changsha people. Family members, his family is a bit complex, the father died years ago, his mother's body has been bad. About four or five years ago, with his mother remarried to Nanfen village. His stepfather, surnamed Feng, but there has been no change with Yong ning.

" after uncle Zhou Liming, the family began to know Yong Ning in Hengdian "walk on" also will show. Although it is far away in Zhejiang, Channing often goes home to visit his family. "But his circle of friends never let us see it. "At the beginning of 17, a chance, Zhou Liming saw an extreme video on the Internet and suddenly discovered that the main character of the video was his own family. "We all persuaded him that it was too dangerous, but it was no use. "

another uncle Feng Shengliang said, there is a Wing Ning to talk of marriage of girlfriend, he said sadly," agreed in November 9th to go home girl gifts of gold. "And the nephew said, in November 8th, he was going to record a two minute video on a tall building in Changsha. "He said if the fire could take 100 thousand. "On the same day, Wing Ning climbed to the 62 floor of the Hua Yuanhua center, and it happened.

12 8 days. One month after the incident, the reporter contacted her girlfriend, Miss Fu. She said, "it's not going to come out yet. "The interview was declined. Fu miss WeChat's signature in his personality, said, "this life is only a good husband of Wu Yongning". His stepfather's phone has not been answered, and relatives explained that today he went with his family to the tomb of Channing.

" Yong Ning delta died, his girlfriend sent a few missing missing his micro-blog in micro-blog at present, has been deleted.

at the same time, the reporter contacted the police in the jurisdiction of the incident, said this is not a criminal case, will be issued after the briefing.

Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Luo Yige

10 Xiaoxiang Morning News reported "limit - Yong Ning" in Changsha IFC (the first high-rise) photo shoot event - "top man" extreme sports "at the top of a tall building, the staff is to verify the matter", the link below for details.

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