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Set legend Captain miscellaneous fish

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summary: the new version of the legend set finishing, contrast, mining, there is always your attention yo.

#p# preface #e#

summary: the new version of the legend set finishing, contrast, mining, there is always your attention yo.

originally legend equipment in a very embarrassing position, than (SS), ratio (salted outsider, Holy) surplus, and the first thing after many seeking to enhance the role of full level may is wearing a relic, CC even fake purple to krypton column, leading to in addition to the legend of a few properties MVP (such as scabbard, shoes, strike, 40 is a strong, ink, Wang Quanhuo, commander shoulder) and other legends class equipment Basic useless. Especially to take the time to do the task of legend, production cycle is long, tedious no stimulation of the flash of the abyss, attribute is a weak chicken is fully reflected NX IQ), also remains in military and the train leg can let a person shine at the moment.

in addition to the revision of the legend of the legend of the acquisition mode, but also provides other parts of the legend, the mission to optimize the legend of the property, it can be said that NX finally long back to the brain.

#p# #e#


remains relics Relics:

385 intelligence (basic)

can trigger 100 intelligence

can trigger strong 10

17% double

10% yellow +5% violent explosion injury (bracelet)

16 is a strong +16 is anti (necklace)

209 (315 independent double tapping ring around the groove part)


8%: Power & Intelligence

500 hard straight

60 vertigo resistant

hit vertigo when around the enemy

Department of Physics: coat (shoes can shoulder armor collocation seafood leg)

magic armor: under loaded belt shoes (can collocation Wu move coat)

#p# mechanical cow #e#

3. mechanical cow

mechanical bull:

aura: 100 intelligence 38, double tapping 59 independent, 10 genera, three mosquito mosquito leg speed, leg HPMP, 8% double storm

team stats: mosquito leg crit force is a strong intellectual elite 6% green

20% yellow white name Lord

20% was hit damage reduction of

#p#. #e#

4. PA


15: Beiming Gongsu moving speed, 18% release (goddess heaven dance version of the 233 winds)

40-70 skills Lv+1



30 is independent of the double strong

random 30 genera, single genus imposed into the expected 66.6%,

trigger trigger: Blood cut chicken ribs corresponding attribute deduction HP, waist and shoulder 3% shoes, jacket 10% (download match unfinished series of controlled blood?) below

HP90% can trigger the 45 skill damage +20%, CD-20% (plus the multiplication is unknown), half trigger,

trigger is 30 facelift disappeared, 9% double storm

attack 3% chance 10% Invalid

raid reduction and prevention, every 10S trigger 10% cut blood (elite 3.3% lords, 1.7%

per 15S abyss) triggered 12000 reduction and Prevention (non halo, trigger similar jig green array roar)

#p# #e#

5. false false false pig pig pig:

comes with 50 Power & Intelligence

can trigger 3*80=240 Power & Intelligence

part 84:

comes with light intensity of

can trigger the 51

light intensity reduction of anti 45

total of 180


2*20% light intensity card lightning hit probability explosion

2*50% chance to trigger


#p# on the optical properties of eggshell ghost ghost


70 #e#

6. seafood four-dimensional

can trigger the 80 Power & Intelligence

4% double crit

1-45 skills Lv+1 (leg)

comes with 107 strong ice

3*3 % chance to trigger the anger of seafood (?) with ice card

attack cursed enemy 20% white

hit back blood

#p# #e#

7. really really really pig pig pig:

abnormal enhancement part:

+10%, Lv+8

poisoning bleeding damage bound deceleration time +10%, Lv+8

Petrochemical burns: Lv+8

anti +35

anti poisoning deceleration abnormal bleeding anti Halo: -50 anti

enhanced growth around the enemy ISO (+10 as part of reference, regardless of +11 and above):

-50 around the enemy different anti


20% release

12% violent attack speed speed

hit the consumption of dirty blood, reduce and prevent the enemy full 10% raid

per 5S invalid to nearby enemies into blood poisoning curse burns. The abnormal state of frozen electric total #e#


#p# LAN LAN Total



55 LAN attack attack


180 &

10% dual power independent intellectual violence


active passive awakening awakening +3

four 85 halo

can trigger 30% attack speed moving speed, 36% release of

HP is lower than 50%, independent of physical magic attack +10%

about 20% enemy humanoid white humanoid unit:

ancient copy

series: the soul of cattle: crazy Ivan family

lament: a picture fish, Lene

: violent raid group fake pig family

Ghost: two Figure Doll family including green

blue total: in addition to guard all

long series bastard (mostly humanoid & elves):

: magic, Black Mist engulfed the inner ear


: two tremor Qingtian, male figure flame energy: gold and soil

fireworks, You see what

volcano: two figure of black smoke, male floor Niang, horseshoe card

fish soldier are elf

#p# strong dispersion and DDR3 #e#

9. highlights strong powder & comprehensive contrast set properties of

throughout the legend set, look different, in fact the majority such as toys or

. Suits, dazzling attributes, may in fact only the coat for individual occupation useful: for example, real limit blind and sniper

remains set: a set of regular, high base equals about two sets of wearing a necklace + holy sacrifice appearance, not evaluation

highlights parts: bracelets, necklace (ghost)

NX is trying to see this as the same goods to develop tactical team, however poor addition does not seem to make a copy of the team get tickets.

halo plus a more suitable call for the Department of occupation, however, the Yellow word suit is added to the call of the Department of career, once again fully reflects the NX iq. Call the Department can do to make up for the vacancy of the equipment spare parts. < p > highlights parts: < p > call professional: top 200 intellectual, Download 76 double attack 108 independent < is not very optimistic about a, parts coat seems a bit with, suit looks nice actually completely useless < highlights parts: < coat very remarkable a < high intensity addition (left six pieces of a total of 114 intensity) + attribute wrongly written or mispronounced character, incidental gorgeous special effects and the shell body. The

attribute of a full role in the body only title, right groove, enchant and pet equipment, are easily controlled at about 200

as the basis of 200, 114 of the actual intensity caused by lifting: base damage is a strong

200 of about 191%

314 base damage the intensity is about 243%

that is a strong upgrade brings about 27%

at this time of the optical properties of white additional damage is about 314 under the light intensity of 15% (note that is under 314 light intensity of 15%, about 19% of the base damage under 200 light intensity)

that is to say, without the calculation of lightning explosion, contrast the holy things, lifting six pieces of fake pig is about 46% (on no other white equipment under the condition of a set of

in short) is a conscience, no conflict can get considerable improvement.

can challenge the most fish SS sets, with the first collocation and strong dispersion par

if lightning explosion damage is considerable, Tian Yu will be high frequency analogy, attack another occupation

highlights: it is bright appearance, is full of bright

seafood (ghost):

released the first set of my personal legend. At present,

is still relatively salty after the revision, six sets of new added trigger the curse means, and to reduce the enemy curse resistance properties, NX finally long back to

left the six piece of the brain, a total of 53 ice, 1-45 level and skills, under the condition of 20%

on the same the 200 is a strong foundation in the calculation, 53 strong ice upgrade brings about 12.5% 1-45 +1 based on skill level and occupation, count on white condition 20%, comprehensive He should be

in 30% - 40% between the fake pig, a bright spot is set collision free

trigger a curse, please turn down the last chapter "comparison evaluation" is not a reliable

powder and

highlights strong seemingly abnormal occupation (street fighter) of the gospel?

do not understand not talk nonsense double tapping the independent intellectual force, welcome to add

based, 2 level and 3 level active sleep is awakening, 8% of the explosion injury, can make the whole team gains three speed, and the 20% white humanoid enemies plus

overall it seems quite wrong in a set of

& grace. In addition to Frankenstein, brain hole coarse at around 30% (not counting the skill level increases) if

is Wangyeh, ring trigger condition can be richly endowed by nature enjoy an additional 10% independent attack bonus, Compared to the tomb of the ring is a strong ring such as collocation can say very impressive (the most important thing is to do!) < highlights parts: left slot and ring (sovereign) < Global Impression: < mind showed fairly good three sets: fake pig, seafood (ghost), LAN total. < p > from the data to see fake pig very IMBA, LAN total merit is can free choice is strong and is not influenced by the light / ice bound, but strange humanoid bound set, the current version of fairly impressive, later to say

#p# production cost #e#

10. production cost

production cost < tickets cost (endless, colorless), the price is not a, not repeat them. It is worth noting that the drop rate of the mission material, the number of tickets required per day, as well as the time cost.

below the main calculation of the cost of materials and time costs. The devil has the default contract.

ruins, then, every day need to play three times. Ordinary remains simple, difficult for the soul remains difficult for the trumpet is indeed very difficult. BOSS drop mission material. He can wave seal, armor material basically self-sufficient in trading. The exchange requires extra pink seal. You can drop in value of Royal legend equipment fire.

mechanical cow, RBQ level map. Unfortunately, the legendary property is moving.

sobbed, difficulty, touching legend attributes *2.

fake wild boar: every day requires 12 Task material, every time a fake pig to 10. The difficulty of small fake pig fast, brush five times figure four days can meet the material needs, save time and effort and worry. The Apostle breath out of conscience, no worries about the mission material. And set attribute strength. That is not for new game player.

ghost difficulty in general, the soul of the ghost of the difficulty seems to be more concentrated in the head of Texas, and some of the occupation against the shield. Need 6 materials every day, every plate of the ghost dropped 1-3 (see the face), the average daily need to brush three sets, making the difficulty of the medium. Task materials and spirits whisper material drop rate, generally every day need for additional pieces, ah price the tubes a gold, according to the district.

true pig words, green name and BOSS need more experience and skills, compared to other map difficult. Extra preparation for the fire lizard / crystal contract.

LAN: brush the soul level best to prepare for the ancient instrument to lift Gollum's mind control, the difficulty in general. Daily need 15 materials, fixed 6 material per plate, that is, a copy of the 5 disk can be completed 2 days of the task. Can be traded for the task of falling material rate, the number of comparative demand and moving, production costs are more expensive. The comparison between the test equipment configuration



#p# comparison reliable not reliable for additional white, 9 stars, tactical tactical seafood and seafood are basically the same (20% and 25%), into the map after 500 more tactical than the seafood intelligence (on the tactics to say that 500 is about 7-8% growth), seafood than tactics more than 1 ball 1 level fusion, 15 ice, assuming that other conditions except white outside is only 5%

video display the main set of curse triggered seafood stability, single trigger effect on continuous DPS, and the comparison with the world's major (the actual Shanghai fresh collocation in combat or superior to the stars. Because seafood can use an awakening and pressure)



stars (50s):

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summary about

legends of the officially revised, seafood (armor + left slot) 6 should can make the curse of vacuum period is shorter.

and if Gracia do fake pig set, the output will also sent a seafood. < p > that is to say, Gracia 6 + Giant soul + gluttony right, ah killing China (22 explosion injury) + 12V yellow word, the body do not touch pillars of the equipment is sufficient rolling 1-5 the (I am currently single daily stable at about 12 minutes, doppelganger stunt Dummies) < saying to don't want to krypton column players is still very conscience.

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