What are these ghosts? Inventory the unpractical products of science and technology


zhongguancunzaixian· 2017-12-09 06:01:06

The development of

technology products, in addition to the intelligence based, the biggest premise is to solve people's pain points, allowing users to use more convenient, but the development is not real, originally for the general welfare of technology products is a lot of business virtuoso stage, then the author say those who do not practical technology products.

with electronic scale electronic scale with

USB mouse USB mouse mouse functions for computer services, product design is not the development of intelligence, from the grip direction, but more and more strange mouse in our lives, computer mouse, hand warming mouse, even with the electronic scale of the mouse, this design is really necessary?

: intelligent intelligent comb comb comb also joined some intelligent a lot of functions, such as the use of the microphone to identify the user hair strength, these really need to know? It's just a gimmick.

: egg egg machine machine it has connected WIFI and built-in projector function is the desktop companion for independent movement and communication skills, but useful? Maybe someone really needs it. With

iPod dock

iPod special special toilet toilet toilet dock: can let people have music, read the newspaper, eliminating the time playing mobile phone, so the toilet more efficient, is a bit too overestimate its ability.

, foot sunbath machine, foot foot sunbathing machine: is it afraid of feet too white?

in everyday life, you have seen some unpractical technology products.

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