Hongkong wireless TV veteran actor Jiang Han died

Father child Louis Koo heart of greed

beiqingwangyule· 2017-12-09 09:12:44

" according to Taiwan media reports, Hongkong radio and television veteran actor surprised the 7 day in Jianghan sanatorium died, at the age of 78, his wife in the evening of 8 to the media to confirm this news, shocked many people in circles. It is reported that he was inconvenient to act in his late years with vascular inflammation, and he had to go in and out of the hospital, and then to the nursing home for the convenience of care. The

debuted in more than 50 years, the name is Jiang Yongming, he and his wife were fathered a son and a daughter, in 60s to enter the entertainment circle, was a film headed niche, then turn to the television, and in 1992 joined the Hongkong wireless television, because a healthy look with tall, multi starred in the play the father or the merchant role. A child born in Jianghan, debut so far more than 200 TV show, movie, Jianghan played in the 1985 edition of the "in" The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea is Tie Guaili, and he is in the "heart of greed" in the show, but mostly to his father's image appeared. 2012 finished "back to three" after gradually fade out the entertainment industry, is a posthumous broadcast in 2017 won the "orchid".

fact, Jianghan multi supporting role in radio television Hongkong, until 1998 in the TV series "fire" ambition plays Louis Koo and Deng Yijun's father, is the audience noted that the father image is also deeply rooted in people's mind. However, in real life, is also a father of Jianghan, he in 2008 by Aiko suffered telephone fraud, lied to his son when the guarantee for others to borrow money, forcing him to pay HK $200 thousand (about 170 thousand yuan), he immediately took the money from home, but the original police had tracked the fraud group for a long time, has been an ambush, until the police appear, just as if wakening from a dream learned that he cheated, but fortunately others property are safe and sound.

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