The housing construction department has been enlarged, and the possibility of a rebound in house prices is low.

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fenghuangcaijing· 2017-12-09 18:42:57

12 4, the Ministry of housing and construction of the official network hanged a news, is about the old and old district transformation.

" originally I think this is an everyday news, but I read this report carefully, find the stability inside huge mystery:

text version on the

are as follows: To explore residents, market and government joint financing mechanism

. In accordance with the principle of "who benefited and who invested", the reform of old and old residential areas was carried out by the way of residents, capital property units and government subsidies.

is a little hard to understand. I understand it roughly according to my understanding:

in the future old residential area, the house can be repaired and repaired, and it can't be repaired, but it will be pushed away, but how many houses will be built and how many houses will be built? The funds needed to build a house, the residents in old communities have to pay part of it. If they are the public housing of the unit, they will have to dig a part. Finally, the government will grant some subsidy.

the above programs are first tested in 15 cities. They are Guangzhou, Shaoguan, Liuzhou, Qinhuangdao, Zhangjiakou, Xuchang, Xiamen, Yichang, Changsha, Zibo, Zibo, Zibo, convergence, and "Qi". If the

is good, it should be copied to more cities soon.

is not sound fresh? Is not all old and old residential quarters before

are removed? The old house is pushed, the land is sold to the developer, the developer compensates for the housing and cash, or all the cash is compensated. We have seen more of this kind of play. The house of the old city is dismantled. It is either an upscale house or a city business complex. In a word, this "one demolition and one complement one construction" has brought up a lot of rich people, and the house prices also went up, which led to all kinds of regulation and control. There are too many old houses in the city of

. If they are all updated, the house price must go up for a round. This is obviously not worth the situation in the present situation.

but the house is still to be rebuilt, some residential houses are too old, and some are even dangerous houses. Do not want to stimulate the house prices, but also to continue to reform the old residential area, how to do it? The Ministry of housing thought the new method above. This way is a bit similar to the PPP mode: if your house wants to change the new location, it will remain the same. You still build the house on the original site, originally the Second Ring Road, and the future is still in the second ring road. Developers are only responsible for the construction, the old residential owners, the husband of the housing units, the government started a fundraising.

your house has a problem, help you to repair, you can not repair the place to change a new set of house to continue. We pay ourselves to cover ourselves, and nobody can participate. The demand for housing is solved one to one.

from another point of view, those who have bought the old break and wait for "developed" are likely to be heartbroken. When we bought these old ones, it was basically the whole money. The value of the use of these houses is declining, and if it can't be compensated, it will be completely caught.

actually reflects a new idea of urban renewal, which is designed under the idea of "live without fire". This mode of renewal compares the traditional real estate development model, and the cost is very low. And the property rights of the homestead of the original residential area should be properly solved in the near future, which is entirely for the purpose of "living".

is so segmented and modularized to solve the problem of old communities gradually, nor will it create a bunch of rich people by demolition, which will bring pressure to urban housing prices.

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