Xiong an new area in the Yangtze River Delta? The Zhoushan islands will present trillions of trade markets

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"Xiong an new area" in the Yangtze River Delta?! There will be discovered a trillion trade market...

nineteen report, comrade Xi Jinping pointed out: "Chinese will not open the door closed, only bigger and bigger. To the "The Belt and Road" focusing on construction, formation of sea internal and external linkage, two-way mutual opening pattern". In the global cooperation, how can we form a new and open pattern?

" in the 19 national district, Zhoushan Islands District is the fourth national district established in 2011, is the first national marine economy as the theme of the national district. It is located at the intersection of the Gold Coast line in the east of China and the golden channel of the Yangtze River. It lies on the vast hinterland of the Yangtze River Delta and faces the vast Pacific Ocean. With the establishment of the new area of the Zhoushan islands, a new pattern of Global trade is being built.

1 China largest ore transfer dock to be built more than 1300 islands layout block trade

Zhoushan islands is the largest island in China, for thousands of years, the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean and beat the more than 1000 large and small islands. Superior water resources, make it into the East China Sea fish warehouse "deserved". Since June 30, 2011, the Thousand Island City has taken on a new mission to become the fourth national level new area in China, the Zhoushan archipelago new area, and undertake two major strategies of regional and marine development.

" on the coast Chinese 32 thousand kilometers, like a pearl and jade plate of the Zhoushan Islands District has a unique advantage, it hold the Yangtze River to the sea, near the economically developed regions of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, with the appropriate development of port construction of deepwater coastline of 280 km, to range 500 kilometers east, equidistant distribution of the Busan, Nagasaki, Northeast Asia and the Western Pacific main line port, is also the most China near the Pacific ocean. The unique geographical advantage also means that the new area of the Zhoushan islands will bear the responsibility of pulling the economic belt of the Yangtze River and developing the trade of commodities across the sea across the ocean.

along with the entry of the ocean giant ship, its coordinates and trajectories are clearly displayed on the large screen of Zhoushan islands New Area Jianghai multimodal transport service center.

Zhoushan port and navigation management office Xu Feng: according to the system statistics, there are about more than 14000 ships in this area today.

Xu Feng, who has worked here for 27 years, has gone from the first giant ship to port, witnessing the great changes in Zhoushan. A dense, densely populated ship that makes a little dense fear converge in the Zhoushan islands every day, loading and unloading materials. Through the map of the world, the shipping information of 184 ports in the Zhoushan new area and the 54 regions of the world has been mastered.

Xu Feng: Oceania, America over iron ore, a North American side of food, and from the Middle East over oil, are basically in Ningbo Zhoushan port in the region to transfer, provide a service for the Yangtze River Economic belt.

Zhoushan Islands District is a new district to see in the sky overlooking can, this is not only because the more than 1300 islands scattered over 22 thousand and 200 square kilometers wide area. More importantly, on different islands, a huge project is growing up in a large scale, the layout of commodity trading.

" in the Zhoushan Islands District port Qushan in Lang Hu ore transfer dock, a ship from Brazil ocean ship has just put 390 thousand tons of iron ore shipped here. In the not far away from the pier, huge ore yard in different regions were divided, piled up from Australia, Brazil and other countries of different iron ore, several large, automatic operation of equipment, is constantly on the different grade of the iron ore transport and mixing. In 2016, China imported more than 10 million tons of iron ore, of which 11% of them, that is, 1.1 billion tons of iron ore, entered the country from the Zhoushan new area.

" in Zhejiang District of Zhoushan Islands Marine Industry Cluster zone, deputy director Wei Xiaohong: make full use of Zhoushan's Deepwater shoreline deepwater port advantages, in order to build a commodity international logistics center.

Zhoushan's Deepwater coastline accounts for 18.4% of the country, and is one of the longest cities in the world. The superior geographical conditions provide a strong foundation for the building of the international logistics center. From the sky overlooking, 52 million tons of iron ore first phase of the yard has been full load operation, the two phase of the yard is now being tightened. After all, this will be the largest ore transfer dock in China. On the island of Zhoushan, the commodity trading center, which bears the iron ore trade, will also expand the proportion of the new Zhoushan New Area in the global iron ore trade.

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