13 Basic Yoga common sense for the beginners of Fitness Yoga

Fitness yoga beginner must understand 13 basic common sense fitness u

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健身瑜伽 初学者必懂的13个基本瑜伽常识

fitness yoga beginners must know 13 Basic Yoga knowledge before

exercises, preferably fasting.

keeps an empty stomach for 3-4 hours, at least 1-2 hours, and the stomach can't be overburdened. Yoga's body position is centered on the spine of the human body. It's stretching and squeezing before and after stretching. The heavy stomach burden will cause nausea, headache and chest tightness in practice, and even vomit will happen. Do not eat a lot of food within 1 hours after the

practice. After

practice, our intestines and intestines are all in a relaxed state of rest. In addition, after exercise, the body's blood distribution in the body muscle skeletal, immediately eat food will make a lot of blood flow to the stomach, the blood flow to the heart was greatly reduced. The burden of the heart is increased.

is not suitable for Yoga for 30 minutes after the sauna. The

bath accelerates the circulation of blood, and yoga exercises also make the blood circulate fully, which is bound to speed up the heart rate and increase the burden of the heart. Yoga practitioners in India usually have cold baths before practicing. The purpose is to clean the body, and the speed of body blood circulation is slowing down, which does not increase the burden of the heart. Don't bathe immediately after


sebum and sweat can form sebum membrane, which can play a very good role in nourishing the skin (this is also one of the reasons why yoga has beauty and skin care efficacy). The immediate Bathing will destroy this beneficial substance. Therefore, it is suggested not to wash the bath immediately. However, the situation is different for high temperature yoga, strength yoga, or body yoga training. This will make some yoga practitioners a lot of sweat, sweat toxins need to bath discharged, and the whole body sweat makes people feel uncomfortable. Even so, you should keep in mind that you should take a bath after breathing and a normal heartbeat recovery after practice. It is not suitable for

to wear tight clothes.

yoga practice is different from general calisthenics, body training. When practicing, we should choose loose, sweat absorbing and breathable clothing, which is convenient for physical activity. Because yoga is a movement to relax our body and mind, tight clothes are not conducive to relaxation. The choice of clothing for pure cotton, linen material is better. The coat can choose the clothes that are close to the body. In order to complete a number of flip, inverted type of action. The lower body is best for loose, waist straps.

健身瑜伽 初学者必懂的13个基本瑜伽常识

practice site should not be too hard or too soft.

is better to use a professional yoga mat, or on the floor, a blanket or a large towel, kneeling to kneel without pain is appropriate. It's not safe to use a gym for aerobics to practice yoga. Excessive thickness can lead to the lack of proper support in the completion of certain actions, and seriously damage the skeleton when it is serious. On the contrary, if the cushion is strong, it can not protect it. The light causes inflammation in the part of the force, and the heavy person will hurt the normal function of the joints and bones.

posture exercises to slow, with the correct breathing, can achieve better results.

is usually carried out in the nostrils when breathing, unless there is a special gesture. Natural breathing is usually used in breathing, and abdominal breathing is used in some movements to relieve the pressure of the chest. The primary asanas mostly stretch without breath, deep, slow breath to breath unadorned, and exercise with, especially to keep.

position exercise should be the best of your own, and not necessarily the same as the teacher.

action practice should be gradual and not urgent, so that the limit is the most safe and effective.

avoids wearing / wearing accessories (such as belts, watches, necklaces, earrings, etc.).

these ornaments not only affect the movement, but also harm the body during practice.

should exercise 3-4 times a week, at least 2 times.

should keep practicing every day according to strict yoga practice. If there are no long periods of practice, it can be divided into several periods of practice, and it is important to form the habit of practicing. To achieve the effect, it should be guaranteed at least two times a week. In fact, not necessarily to practice yoga in star class yoga or fitness center, we at home every day, with more than 15 minutes of yoga or interest in the office of the training, also can obtain satisfactory results terahito. If any discomfort or discomfort occurs during the

practice, the practice should be stopped immediately.

should be absorbed in practice so that it can get better results. And attention concentration can make you feel untimely in your body, immediately feel and stop immediately, so as not to hurt yourself.

exercises should be done barefoot.

can relax the feet and the adhesion of both feet is better, feel the official direct, the posture is more stable. In addition, it can also play the role of rubbing the foot.

before the exercise.

is better to evacuate the body before the exercise, so that it can clean the body, and can be more focused on the practice of yoga. In the end, don't forget to practice

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