Go by repeatedly hung up the phone, but cause to tears

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these days, micro-blog has a go by interview with fire, Li Xiaolu also forwarded, each users see are moved to tears.

" things have to start from a micro-blog, a Hangzhou friends made.

11 28, @hey users do you love to eat green peppers issued share one thing: they encountered after the

order received several no voice calls, are connected to hang up, then that is the practical joke, so I couldn't hold back his anger, then found the foreign seller sms. The original seller was a deaf mute who explained the inconveniences of communication in the text message, and needed to call the customer to remind the customer to take out the message. Netizens feel very self accusation about their impatience, so we appeal to you on the Internet. If this happens, it is better to check if there are any ignored SMS. Don't be in a hurry to give bad reviews to hurt the special people who work hard.

" which was later micro-blog more than 20 thousand forwards, netizens have expressed understanding:

friends lively

@XOXO: a little pink Fei Fei: want to cry, treat everyone, more inclusive.

@ my friend is a B: more patience.

@momo sauce is also teacher Xu: I will pay attention to it in the future!

@ Xia Zhengzheng: everyone is living hard and having more patience and tolerance. When

@Plumommy: doesn't know what has happened to others, don't blame it at will.

@ recalls the special small armour: remember, people pay more attention to it, it is not easy to send a meal in cold weather.

Qianjiang Evening News reporter to verify, the takeaway little brother called Yu Yahui, 24 years old, Henan people. In the team with the mountain brothers (hungry under the flag team).

happened in November 28th. At that time, it was less than sending a ticket to a customer in the west of the city. It was told by text message beforehand, unexpectedly, the other side did not pay attention to it, which led to subsequent events. The customers feel very guilty. They sent micro-blog &hellip, &hellip,

" in the past few days, the media found the go by, so there is in this video interview online hot: the

texting out for a little brother called Yu Yahui, sits on the left side is his captain, is also deaf Xu Xingfang. When he introduced himself, Xu Xingfang said he was very difficult to find a job, but he wanted to make a lot of money. Yu Yahui said, it was old Xu to take him, and he was happy.

watched the video of netizens are very moving, especially by their love for work and life. In addition to moving and understanding, we have presented their own proposals:

user activity:

@ litchi and the way love: they suffer more hardships than healthy people, but also to their own hard work, life is not easy, I hope you can be a little more understanding.

@ loves the kylin bleating sauce: really cried when they especially in sign language than another person looked another life is not easy to hope that we can support more understanding and tolerance, also thanks to the disabled people and provide unit work, thank you.

@ note: it is suggested that it is not discriminatory to give a special case to the distributor on the takeout of app, but to give the subscriber a wake up. Susan:

@aimili is not easy, you do not understand each other, I feel bad, can give deaf room with MP3 recorded voice: I am deaf I sent the text please see, fast food is coming and will be sent to the phone to call you to hang down to take meal, thank you. It may feel good and convenient.

@ slag Fan: you can set up a recording pen or something and put it on the phone, because I don't read text messages, so if I miss this message, I will be very sorry.

@ in the memory of the rain in the summer: can not be reprepared in the back of the single person (deaf mute), so that everyone can know in advance.

@Ji Anton: great! Eat by labor, it's good to say!

@ walks along the V side, forget: never bad reviews. After takeaway will always say "thank you". The courier will take the initiative to get them to open the gate at the gate of the community, so that they can never run the stairs and never litter. The empty mineral water bottle will be sent to the aunt's hand. A little bit of action will warm a person's heart.

many netizens still share their comments and author of the story:

artificial deaf friends lively:

@ small gourd King: I received a deaf person to send takeout, I will set a takeaway delivery in two, only to send a, then I will give business calls, send me less ah, the store said contact the courier sent. A bored rider

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