Microsoft Edge browser's Android version has been downloaded 1 million times

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ITzhijia· 2017-12-10 01:01:52

The 1 million download of

IT's December 9th news is insignificant for a popular software, but it's rare for Android version Microsoft Edge browser.

from the Google Play official data show that Android download version of the Microsoft Edge browser in Google Play on the official breakthrough 1 million times, in the last weeks of Jigang just breakthrough downloaded 500 thousand times, the App's next goal is 5 million downloads.

in Microsoft iOS and Android dual platform have launched this browser, Microsoft said, Edge browser and Windows linkage to create a continuous browsing experience. The content and data are synchronized seamlessly in the background, so that users can browse through the device without missing any content. The familiar Microsoft Edge functions, such as center, enable users to organize web pages in order, so that they can easily find, view and manage their contents at any time. Wherever you are, you can browse the web according to the way it needs, without interrupting the process.

version of the Android Microsoft Edge browser provides the following functions: through :

on the PC to the mobile device and the PC (Windows 10 Fall Creator update) seamlessly between mobile content, you can go anywhere and from the last interrupt position to continue browsing the

data synchronization: favorites, passwords and your reading list can be kept in sync between your device, so no matter how equipment, always you need to personalize your browser.

central view: placing your favorites, reading lists, history records, and books in one place, making it easier to find and manage content.

QR code reader: touch button, you can read QR code easily. Microsoft Edge will display the content and information directly on your screen.

voice search: now you can use your voice to search the web. You can use a web page in a more natural and familiar way by asking questions or saying a hint.

InPrivate: when you browse in InPrivate mode, after browsing, browsing data (for example, your historical records, temporary Internet files and Cookie) will not be saved on your PC.

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Microsoft Edge browser's Android version has been downloaded 1 million times

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